‘Mad Men’ Season 7 [Final Season] Spoilers: Don Draper, Megan and Amy in Threesome in Episode 5, ‘The Runways’

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By Anshu Shrivastava | May 12, 2014 7:05 PM EST

At the end of episode 5 of "Mad Men" Season 7, titled "The Runaways," Lou Avery tells Don Draper, "You're incredible." Avery's compliment comes right after Don demonstrate his genius to stop his ouster from SC&P by breaking one of the stipulations.

Spoilers Ahead:

Don crashes a meeting of Lou and Jim after Harry tips him off that they are pursuing Philip Morris' Commander Cigarettes. And if they bag the account, Don Draper will be shown the door. To everyone's surprise at the meeting, Don announces that he will quit if SC&P bags the account. But, that is not needed, as he puts on his genius hat and sells himself, convincing the men that he is the right guy to work on their account. If Lou calls Don incredible, Jim warns Don, "You think this is going to save you, don't you?"

Also, Stephanie, Anna Draper's niece, returns in the episode. She is seven-months pregnant and calls up Don from a payphone in Los Angeles. Don gives her Megan's address and tells her that he will meet her at Megan's place. Megan is sweet to Stephanie and acts like a perfect family till Stephanie blurts out that she knows Don's secrets. Megan writes a cheque of $1000 and sends Stephanie away, saying that Don is likely to control her and her situation. Stephanie assures Megan that nothing happened between her and Don.

Don arrives to find that Stephanie has already left. Afterwards when Stephanie calls again, Don tells her to call him up if she needs any help. While in Los Angeles, Don also attends a party thrown by Megan for her acting class buddies. He isn't comfortable seeing Megan get close to one of the guys, and exits the party when Harry arrives with his girl.    

Later in the night, Megan and her friend Amy join Don in the bedroom. Megan kisses Don and then encourages Amy to kiss him and they have a threesome.

In the beginning of the episode, Lou says to Don that he is going to tuck him in, making him work extra. It is just a tactic to trouble Don. At the end of the episode, Don shows Lou that he needs no tucking-in and his acumen is unmatched.  

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