Pia Mia Brags about Kisses and Cuddles from Kanye West: Should Kim Kardashian Be Worried?

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By Annie Dee | April 28, 2014 12:18 PM EST

Kanye West is reportedly cheating on  Kim Kardashian, with his young and attractive protege, Pia Mia. And this bit of rumor comes from no one else's lips but the young protégé's herself. If this does not make the rumor half credible, what can? The question is, now that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding is just weeks away, should the bride-to-be be worried and call it off to avoid making a big mistake of sharing her future with a guy who cannot commit to her? Is Pia Mia a real threat to her future marriage bliss?

According to Radar Online, amidst busy wedding preparations, Kim Kardashian should not be too focused on the wedding and reception details as she should be to making sure Kanye West will actually show up on the wedding and not change his mind. Just after weeks of a report claiming there seems to be something fishy about Kanye West and Pia Mia's relationship, the sexy singer actually bragged about being the other woman on her Instagram. Talk about guts.

Pia Ajdba Mia Perez or Pia Mia shared on Instagram on April 24 that she can relate big time to the upcoming movie by Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton entitled "The Other Woman." She wrote, "story of my life ... #OtherWoman" Granted, it was a paid post, but no one would have written something like that if it is not true. Fans were quick to call her out on this provocative post and criticized her for stirring up drama now that the wedding between Kim and Kanye is so near, unless she really wants something to happen!

After claiming that "The Other Woman" movie was the "story of her life" on Instagram, Pia Mia now goes on and offered some juicy bits from her alleged affair with Kanye. On Saturday, April 26, the self-proclaimed "princess" penned the following suspiciously cryptic tweets:

"I was dying, but he saved me with a kiss." and "Cuddling [heart emoji] ahhhhhhh" Pia Mia did not name names, but who could she be referring to so soon after her "other woman" confession, right?

So, should Kim Kardashian be worried? If Kim was already reportedly agitated before about their close 'working' relationship, she should certainly raise her hackles now.

Kanye is producing some tracks for her and he's quite involved," a source in his camp told Radar Online exclusively before. "He believes she could be the next Rihanna."  "Kanye has made it clear to everyone that their relationship is strictly creative," the insider said. But them growing closer was pretty evident. "Kanye's creative team was pretty shocked that he would use a teenager as his confidante [on his line with APC]," the insider said. "And Kim was actually kind of agitated by it, because he doesn't usually want her input on design stuff. She was a little jealous."

Kim Kardashian should just lay off the details on her wedding. After all, her legion of wedding assistants and planners are more than enough to make sure the event pans out perfectly. Instead, she should be keeping an eye for Kanye West, who may not be cheating on her but can be tempted by ladies wishing to be the "other woman."

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