Shailene Woodley’s Close-to-Earth Beauty Tips Revealed – Sunshine, ‘You do you, baby’ Plus More [PHOTOS]

By Tarun Mazumdar
April 28, 2014 7:59 AM EST

Shailene Woodley’s Close-to-Earth Beauty Tips Revealed – Sunshine, ‘You do you, baby’ Plus More [PHOTOS]

The "Divergent" star Shailene Woodley shares her nature-inspired beauty tips that are truly unconventional. Shailene, who is linked to star Theo James, is known to be a nature fangirl. As a matter of fact, she makes her own tea, toothpaste and uses clay to detox. Moreover, she thinks do-it-yourself medicines are better than other medicines and Shailene of 'Sheo' uses shampoos only once a month.

Check out these close-to-earth beauty tips shared by Shailene Woodley, via E! Online.

1.  Say Hello to Sunshine: Shailene believes that one should be smart about getting in the sun, however regular doses of Vitamin D every day are best. She thinks natural Vitamin D from the sun not only is beneficial for her skin but also for her overall health.

2.  No Soap. Hello Brush: "Use soap sparingly. Try a dry brush instead and in moments you're feeling really dirty, use natural, simple ingredient soap. Nothing artificial," said "The Fault in Our Stars" actress.

3.  Nature and Shailene: She advises to walk barefoot in a park and occasionally hug a tree or two.

"This always helps me get out of my mind and when I'm out of my mind my natural glow is allowed to reveal itself," revealed Shailene.

4.  No to Soap, Again. Oil it up, Baby: Shailene prefers to use oil instead of soap to remove her makeup. Her favourite is Seabuckthorn by Living Librations.

5.  You Love Yourself: Yes, that is her secret. It is Shailene's number one beauty secret.

"Don't Compare. Leave it all behind. Compare leads to despair. Love yourself. All of your ticks, quirks and bizarre smirks. Love it all. Embrace it. The moment we allow our minds to forget about ourselves physical, self-love can rule. And with self-love comes a glow that no product on earth can create!"

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