UFO Ring of Death, Insect Swarm or Smoke? UK Schoolgirl Spots Mysterious Black Ring in Sky

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By Reissa Su | April 16, 2014 5:44 PM EST

A 16-year old student was shocked to see a mysterious black ring in the sky over Learnington Spa. Georgina Heap saw the black ring believed to be from a UFO when she was playing tennis with her mum.

A mysterious black ring that hovered over the English Sky, has led to many people thinking what it possibly could be. (Photo: YouTube Video Screen Grab)

She said she saw the giant black ring in the sky for about three minutes before disappearing from her sight. In an interview with the Daily Star, the teenager said it was the "weirdest" thing she has ever seen. She saw the ring float like a cloud and was sure what she saw was not a bird.

Heap said there were about 10 of them who stopped to look at the sky.

According to UFO expert Nick Pope, he saw the video and said it was "truly bizarre." He ruled out the possibility that what the girl spotted was a smoke ring. The UFO hunter spoke to the Huffington Post and discussed another possibility for the black ring.

Pope said that the shape could have been created by millions of bees and insects. However, no one has ever heard or seen insects behave this way. He believes if this was the explanation, "it's real life X-File."

No reports of fires were in the area, according to Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service. The weather bureau does not believe the black ring had anything to do about the weather.

Earlier in April, a couple spotted a UFO moving towards a deer in rural Mississippi. The couple, Edith and Rainer Shattles had set up trail cameras in the woods. Instead of capturing images of bucks and fawns, they were surprised to find mysterious lights over the Cumbest Bluff, Jackson County.

The footage lasted for 30 minutes and showed a dim light coming from the darkness. It shone brighter as a weird shape appeared on camera and the deer lit up brightly.

UFO sightings may be discredited or declared as hoaxes when someone claims them as man-made or when UFO videos are analysed thoroughly by experts. The UFO allegedly seen over a Canadian baseball game turned out to be another hoax. However, it was said to be an unlikely hoax since it did not come from an individual or a group of geeks flying a remote-controlled object or device.

The UFO spotted over a baseball game in Canada was only a drone deployed by a planetarium. The drone flying over Canada was not quite like the typical unmanned and armed military drone. UFO bloggers and enthusiasts were in a frenzy when they discovered the alleged UFO hovering over a Canadian baseball stadium. Too bad it was an elaborate hoax orchestrated by the H.R. MacMillan Space Center.

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A mysterious black ring that hovered over the English Sky, has led to many people thinking what it possibly could be. (Photo: YouTube Video Screen Grab)
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