Karlie Kloss Talks About BFF Taylor Swift: 'She's perfect' [PHOTOS]

By Diadem Pambid
March 18, 2014 12:13 PM EST

Karlies Kloss Talks About BFF Taylor Swift: 'She's perfect' [PHOTOS]

Taylor Swift is officially the best-est friend in the universe that is according to Victoria's Secret Model, Karlie Kloss. In a recent interview, the model gushed about the country crooner being so perfect and basically being a Power puff Girl come to life - sugar, spice and everything nice.

"Red" singer, Swift is basically BFF's with almost all celebrities in Hollywood from A-list actresses to high-profile models. It's not surprising she's friends with almost everyone given she's "perfect and nice" according to Karlie Kloss.

The Victoria's Secret model is Taylor's most recent addition to the BFF circle. They recently hung out together during a road trip in the Northern Californian forests. Both stars even managed to sneak in a trip to the beach. Taylor shared dozens of photos of her trip with Kloss on her official Instagram account which has made a number of "Swifties" green with envy.

The big question on everyone's mind is: how cool is it to be BFFs with the one and only, Taylor Swift? Thankfully, Karlie Kloss dishes on all the details about being friends with the Grammy award singer.

"She is the coolest girl, she's so sweet. That [the Victoria's Secret show] was really the first time I got to meet her, although we'd crossed paths a bunch of times... I really got the chance to get to know her," gushes Kloss in an interview with Cosmopolitan (via Sugarscape).

Karlie also talked about what she and Swift do when they hang out together - aside from the beach and road trips.

"She's a normal girl. She's not that much older than me, like two years older. Normal girl stuff like boys, dancing.." continued Kloss, adding, "She's a really, really nice girl and someone that I've really gotten to know. She is perfect and nice and never says anything mean."

Swift is certainly the definition of perfection judging from what Karlie Kloss had to say. Of course, fans of the Victoria's Secret model can say the same for her. Check out the slideshow to see more of Swift's BFF and model, Karlie Kloss.

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