Leonardo DiCaprio Loses Best Actor Oscar to Matthew McConaughey: Social Media, Fans Angry [SEE TWITTER REACTIONS]

By nidhi tewari
March 3, 2014 4:57 PM EST

Leonardo DiCaprio Loses Best Actor Oscar to Matthew McConaughey: Social Media, Fans Angry [SEE TWITTER REACTIONS]

It was heartbreaking for Leonardo DiCaprio's fans to see him lose the Best Actor in a leading role Oscar to Matthew McConaughey. Fans of the "Wolf of Wall Street" actor went to the social media to express their frustration after Leo failed to win an Oscar for this year too. The actor was applauded for his role as a millionaire Wall Street banker gone wrong with drugs in the movie "Wolf of Wall Street." However the judges at the Academy Awards decided to give "Dallas Buyers Club" actor McConaughey the Oscar for the Best Actor.

Los Angeles Times says that Leonardo DiCaprio is one fine actor and doesn't need an Oscar to prove his worth. The Web site goes on to say that the actor really deserved to win an Oscar in their article "Perspective: Leonardo DiCaprio ('The Wolf of Wall Street'), nominated for lead actor, has never won an Academy Award - but also has nothing to prove."

"DiCaprio is a double Oscar nominee for "The Wolf of Wall Street," as both actor and producer, and along with "Gatsby," the roles showcase him as an artist at a new peak of his powers," writes Mark Olsen from the LA Times.

"Taken together, they demonstrate his remarkable range, capable of an achingly internalized turn in "Gatsby" and a grotesquely externalized one in "Wolf," Olsen adds.

Other Web sites like The Mirror conducted a poll where they asked audience who deserved to win an Oscar for the Best Actor and Leo's name was cited as first. However the Oscar seems to have eluded the fine actor this time too.

"Leonardo doesn't need no award to prove that he's the best actor he's already claimed that title forever," writes LauRen on Twitter, one of the fans of the actor.

Buzzfeed also posted pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio's exact moment when he lost to Mathew for the Oscar. The actor looks hopeful as he sees his name on the nominees screen but his expressions change when his name is not announced. The actor puts up his brave face and hugs the winner Matther McConaughey as he goes on the stage to receive his award. Take a look at the pictures from the Web site here. Also check out some of the best reactions from Twitter below.

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