5 Tech Gadgets We Want to See in 2014: iPhone 6, Google Glass, iWatch and More

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By Vanessa Francisco | January 3, 2014 1:19 PM EST

The year 2014 has barely started, but it's never too early for consumers to wish for the kinds of gadgets they want to see this year. Here's a list of what people want to see in 2014, based on forum discussions, articles and reviews online:

1. iWatch

The public has first heard reports of the mythical iWatch in late 2012, which left them intrigued about what was to come in 2013. However, the year arrived and went without a wearable device from Apple. Instead, fans had to make do with a lot of iWatch rumours as Samsung, Google and other manufacturers released wearable devices of their own. 

2. Google Glass

Google first introduced its Glass high-tech eye gadget in 2012 and sold the device at $1,500 to thousands of select users in 2013. The Glass 2012 version is only the "Explorer" version and Google states that the real release will be in 2014. Google is advised to lower the price and redesign the Glass so that it doesn't look dorky if it wants a wide audience, and now the company is reported to be working with designer glass maker Warby Parker.

3. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6C

They say even-numbered years are very important to Apple fans because this means an iPhone re-design. Every 2 years, Apple has given its iPhone a major re-design starting with the iPhone 3G in 2008, and it means the iPhone 6 is due for it in 2014. People have yet to see leaked images of the new iPhone version, but reports are already detailing what consumers can expect from it, which includes a larger screen. Bloomberg reported earlier that Apple might develop a curved-screen and give the iPhone 6 downward-curving edges, but Wall Street Journal reported that the company is testing iPhone models with 6-inch screens.

4. Wearable Technology Such Smart Bra

The tech industry gave consumers a lot of fitness devices and smartwatches in 2013, but wearable technology can go beyond our forehead and wrists. Microsoft already started expanding the kinds of wearable technology today when they developed the Smart Bra that detects and notifies users when they stress eat.

5. Customisable Smartphones Such as Phonebloks

When Motorola released the Moto X, users were limited to customisable aesthetics of the device. After this, people may want the ability to customise everything about the device, from the color to the battery and processor, or so thinks a Dutch designer. Dave Hakkens created Phonebloks, a smartphone built in modular parts like Lego blocks. Motorola seem to think customisable everything will be the future route, too, as it announced Project Ara, a hardware platform where users can pick and select parts for their smartphone.

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