Teen Wolf Season 3B Spoilers: Watch Promo Video for Episode 13 Anchors Showing Scott Losing Control on His Transformation [VIDEO]

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By Jenalyn Villamarin | January 3, 2014 1:15 PM EST

MTV premiered the promo video for the upcoming "Teen Wolf" Season 3B Episode 13 titled "Anchors" during the celebration of New Year's Eve. In the video clip, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) can be seen having a serious problem when he suddenly lost control on his wolf transformation while in the hallways of Beacon Hills High.

Credit: Hollywood Hills

In the latest sneak peek to the MTV series, Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien) noticed that Scott's eyes started to change indicating the transformation. Stiles told his best friend to stop it but Scott answers "I can't" making the two boys panic.

Stiles was able to help cover up Scott's sudden transformation in the nearest empty classroom. Fortunately, Scott managed to control his powers by piercing his hands with the claws and explained that pain helps in transforming back into a human.

Stiles capped off the video telling Scott that what happened was not just in their heads but it is real. According to the Hypable report, the second half of the MTV supernatural series will have the characters Scott, Stiles and and Allison (Crystal Reed) deal with the consequences of the sacrifice they did for the Nemeton.

The report reads: "They survived, of course, but the cost will be great, and it will stick with them for the rest of their lives as a darkness around their hearts." The Enstars report claims the promo video shows Scott will be having a hard time in controlling his werewolf transformations regardless where he is.

"It's a lot more of a horror show this year, sort of a psychological thriller kind of thing. It's really cool. It just like plays with our minds and toys with our souls," actor Dylan O'Brien shared to MTV. The 22-year-old star further teased: "The scariest thing about his season is that you defiantly won't be able to see anything coming."

It looks like someone will be in big trouble in the upcoming second half episodes of "Teen Wolf." In a previous report, series creator Jeff Davis even hinted that a character will not be able to make it for the upcoming Season 4.

"Prepare to lose someone. We will be possibly be changing out main title sequence so not everyone's going to make it out of this season alive," Mr Davis revealed. "Teen Wolf" Season 3B returns with Episode 13 titled "Anchors" on Monday night, January 6, at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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