Xbox One News: A 10% Power Boost Coming; How Microsoft’s Console Almost Had No Disc Drive; Warframe Rated for Xbox One

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By Gel Galang | January 3, 2014 12:38 PM EST

In terms of the system's power, the PS4 seemed to have the upper hand as it boasts of its 8 GB of GDDR5. Though the architecture is a close fight between the two next-gen consoles, there may be a way to bring the power structure closer for the Xbox One.

Previously, NeoGAF member and insider thuway has hinted that there may be a powerful OS update that will hit the Xbox One, though a definite date has not been linked with the update.

This time, Gamingbolt reports that thuway has given out another detailed bit of information, which concerns the performance of Microsoft's next-gen console. In a tweet response to a fan about the update, thuway said, "I can't say anything about that, but I've heard 10% performance boost should be on tap."

This isn't a surprise, since hardware needs to have updates to improve performance. But the question is when this will happen and what exactly will a 10 per cent boost do in the console war between the PS4 and Xbox One?

*Two software errors have been found for the PS4, with one of them being very rare and could give you a new PS4 in return: Read here for more.

The Disc Drive Could Have Been the Xbox One Difference

When it comes to the Xbox One and the PS4, there is hardly any glaring difference, particularly in the design. But if the big negative hype that the Xbox One received following its reveal way back in E3 2013, it would have had a very, very different design.

Remember the very badly received always-on policy that led to the Xbox 180 turnaround of policies? It turns out that Microsoft execs were really serious about an Xbox One that purely ran on digital downloads for games and that the decision changed to accommodate the feedback.

*The Xbox One is coming with quite a number of exclusives in 2014. Here's a list of the top 5 must-play exclusives for Microsoft's console.

"There was a real discussion about whether we should have an optical disc drive in Xbox One or if we could get away with a purely disc-less console, but when you start looking at bandwidth and game size, it does create issues," said Microsoft's Phil Spencer to Gamespot.

"So we decided--which I think was the right decision--to go with the Blu-ray drive and give the people an easy way to install a lot of content," Mr Spencer added.

However, this doesn't change Microsoft's view of a digital-only future. But perhaps the pace to get there would be a lot slower than suddenly removing the disc drive altogether.

'Warframe' Hinted to Come to the Xbox One?

With "Warframe" having been tested in the PS4 waters after its PC debut as a free-to-play sci-fi title (and coming out with a fairly decent gaming experience to offer, according to Games Radar), there's a chance that it might find itself on another platform.

*Thinking of getting the "Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition"? This may be a cool reason for you to do so: Read here for more.

The Pan European Game Information or PEGI has recently rated the game for the Xbox One, despite the lack of official announcements from Digital Extremes, developer of the game. But given the fairly smooth transition to the PS4, which showcased the unique environment and design, making the jump to the Xbox One does seem possible, reports VG 24/7.

If the PEGI rating is anything to go by for "Warframe's" future in Xbox One, gamers can expect customisation, aliens, co-op play, a wide range of weapons and guns a-blazin', and the harder-than-usual grind to unlock content without coughing up much cash.

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