New Year’s Day Animal Cruelty: 22 Rabbits in Victoria Stomped on, Thrown Against the Wall (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEOS)

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By Vittorio Hernandez | January 3, 2014 10:17 AM EST

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There three Filipinas whose video crushing a puppy to death by stomping on it went viral in October 2013. These women appear to have clones in Victoria, Australia, who also stomped and threw on the wall on New Year's Day 22 rabbits.

The brutal killing of the rabbits is linked to a stolen address book during an attack on a commercial rabbit producer in 2013. Police are investigating if animal activists are connected to the gruesome death since activists are believed to be behind the breaking into a major Gippsland producer's property about six weeks ago.

The activists released rabbits from their cages, causing damage amounting to thousands of dollars. Concrete was also poured down drains and the address book with the contact information of customers was stolen.

According to John Clearly, the owner of the Garfield property where the 22 rabbits were found on Wednesday, he purchased the rabbits from the Gippsland producer one year ago. While he bought them to breed commercially, Mr Cleary said he realised it was not a profitable venture but kept the 40 animals as pets which his daughter-in-law cared for as her hobby.

Kara Jackson, the rabbit breeder, said upon seeing the disgusting sight, "This doesn't happen in real life. This is something from a horror movie."

She added, quoted by, "They've got to be sick. It's not human to some something like that."

In Canada, a similar rabbit-stomping incident happened in mid-2011 at the EARS Rabbit Sanctuary in Coombs which had to beef up its security after 20 rabbits were stomped to death. The place had hundreds of feral rabbits sent from Canada's University of Victoria in 2010.

Here is the video of the 2011 incident.


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A pair of Tasmanian Devils tussles for a piece of rabbit in a new breeding centre at Sydney's Taronga Zoo June 30, 2010.
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