‘The Bachelor’ USA: Meet 27 Bachelorettes Vying for Juan Pablo’s attention

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By Anshu Shrivastava | January 2, 2014 7:24 PM EST

It is red rose time again on American television. ABC's "The Bachelor" returns on January 05, 2014, with a new edition. 27 bachelorettes will be vying for the attention of Juan Pablo, 31, a former pro-soccer player.

Pablo describes his ultimate date as: "Having a special lunch with the love of my life on a tepui -- a mountainous plateau -- in Canaima [National Park in Venezuela], and flying on a helicopter around the jungle and stopping to eat on top of a tepui."

The 27 bachelorettes participating to be the love of his life are:

Alexis, 24, is a communication director. She describes her ideal partner as "caring, understanding, loving, hard worker, not afraid of a challenge, motivated." Her favourite book is the Bible and she wants to do missionary work.

Alli, 26, is a nanny. She is a city person and her favourite writer is Jodi Picoult. According to her the most outrageous thing that she has ever done is: "Move to Australia after college by myself, stayed for 2 years."

Amy J, 31, is a massage therapist. A fan of Kate Winslet, Amy hopes to find love on "The Bachelor." If she is unlucky in finding love, she expects to gain friends. She describes her ideal man as: "Funny! I love to laugh and laugh hard with my man. My ideal man is outgoing and energetic, happy and easy-going."

Amy L, 27, is a local news reporter. She is a fan of comedy such as "Modern Family" and "The Big Bang Theory." She says that marriage means: "Having a best friend to share everything, make memories, make a family, go on adventures, and laugh with."

Andi, 26, is assistant district attorney. She says becoming an attorney is her biggest achievement. Andi wants to visit all the countries on the map. She would like to swap her life with Kate Middleton just for a day, "just to feel what it's like."

Ashley, 25, is a grade school teacher. She likes to dress up, especially for her man. Ashley loves it when her man makes her feel like "I'm the only woman in the world and no one else has ever made him feel the way I make him feel."

Cassandra, 21, is a former NBA dancer. This tall beauty, 5'10'', describes her idea of the ultimate date as "sightseeing in Italy followed with yummy food and a boat ride through the town." Also, Cassandra's ideal mate is someone who is smart, funny, quirky, adventurous and down to earth.

Chantel, 27, is an account manager. This tall beauty's, 5'10'', favourite flower is orchids. She is participating in "The Bachelor" to have a relationship with Juan Pablo. "This is a once in a lifetime experience so I do hope for an amazing experience, meet new friends and travel, but most of all I want love," Chantel says.

Chelsie, 24, is a science educator. She considers herself romantic and love has always been her top priority. Her ideal mate look like: "I'm not overly particular. I do prefer them to be taller than me (which isn't hard), I like a nice smile and kind eyes. Other than that, it's the insides that count most."

Christine, 23, is a police support specialist. She feels that she has her embarrassing moments, every day as she is clumsy and keeps falling. Christine's idea of an ultimate date: "It does not matter to me where it is.  If there's a connection and great conversation that's perfect to me."

Christy, 24, is a marketing manager. Her three key attributes are: loyal, street smart and always thinking of others before herself. She is obsessed with Adam Sandler since she was a little girl. She would like the man to pursue her, as "I feel more secure in the relationship if he is chasing me."

Clare, 32, is a hairstylist. She describes her biggest achievement as "owning my business and becoming "successful" in my own eyes." Clare has never experienced romance and does not consider herself a romantic kind.  

Danielle, 25, is a psychiatric nurse. Her favourite artist is Andy Warhol. Danielle's ideal mate look like: "No specific look but preferably taller than me, nice smile, not balding, in good shape." According to her marriage is "Best freind.  Laughter. Sharing/Exploring life."

Elise, 27, is a first grade teacher. She was in an eight year long relationship. Elise hates it when her date is arrogant, a smoker, uses profanity, and expresses a dislike of children. She wants to meet her soul-mate, get married and raise a healthy happy family.

Kat, 29, is a medical sales representative. The most outrageous thing that she has ever done: "backpacked through the east coast of Australia for 4 weeks --  by myself." As a lover, she describes herself as "fiercely loyal and very passionate."

Kelly, 27, is a dog lover. Kelly's most embarrassing moment: "HS dance - homecoming - thought they called my name & it was another kelly - go so excited for another girl." Her favourite T.V. show is "The Bachelor" as she is a hopeless romantic. Kelly's biggest date fear: "Being vulnerable with someone that doesn't feel the same."

Kylie, 23, is an interior designer. She hates it when the date is rude to the wait staff, eats less than she does and chews with his mouth open. Kylie considers being an extremely involved aunt as her greatest achievement.   

Nikki, 26, is a paediatric nurse. She admires her parents the most. She likes drunk dancing. According to Nikki, her greatest achievement has been her nursing degree and the dream job that followed.   

Lauren H, 25, is a mineral coordinator. She says that her three best attributes are generosity, sense of humour, and ability to consider other people's feelings and perspective. Her idea of the ultimate date is "dinner and drinks on a patio by the water, listening to a good band and feeling like I am with my best friend."  

Lauren S, 26, is a music composer. She considers her piano music as her greatest achievement to date. She is currently working on her 5th and 6th piano music album and also has started a success business venture. Lauren sees herself as married, with kids in five years.   

Lacy, 25, is a nursing home owner. She loves it when her date is "polite, opens the door for me, greets me with a hug." She comes from a large family. She admires her parents for 'lovingly' taking care of eleven kids, with nine of them being mentally handicapped.

Maggie, 24, is a personal banker. According to Maggie, being married means "finding your soul mate and best friend. Sharing your life with someone you can trust and love unconditionally for eternity."

Lucy, 24, calls herself a free spirit. She describes herself as "very outgoing, very ambitious, and very well travelled." On "The Bachelor," she hopes to find a husband, a daughter, new friends, amazing experiences, and she also expects to have a better understanding of herself and a new exciting chapter in her life. The most outrageous thing she has done: "Once I organized a 50-person, fully nude dance party on a beach in Mexico."

Renee, 32, is a real estate agent. She says her three key attributes are: "Loyal -- I'm a great friend. Reliable --  I do as I say. Loving -- Big heart." Renee loves it when her date holds her hand, opens the door and let order her own dinner.    

Sharleen, 29, is from Ottawa, Canada. She is an opera singer. Sharleen believes that going to the casting of "The Bachelor" is the most outrageous thing that she has done. Her idea of an ideal date: "love conversation and food, so as long as it's quiet enough to hear each other and the food is excellent."

Valerie, 25, is a personal trainer. According to her, marriage means "trusting your life with someone else. Trusting and sharing, no more independent. It's a friendship that you promise to make work forever." To impress her man, she would like cook for him. Valerie's ultimate date is "something outdoors and active, whether it was a sporting event or a trail hike."

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