Ke$ha Strips Down in 'Dirty Love,' Takes Porno to Mainstream [SEE VIDEO]

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By nidhi tewari | January 2, 2014 4:09 PM EST

With Ke$ha's new music video of "Dirty Love," pornography has gone gone mainstream and the singer has introduced a new genre - artistic porno. Fans just love the music video where Ke$ha is playing the part of stripper in her own song and is proud of it. The 26-year-old tears off her t-shirt to show off her sparkly black bra and leaves nothing to imagination. She grinds, writhes on floor and shows off her middle finger and is mostly seen in a very revealing G- string.

Ke$ha, who rose to fame with "Tik Tok," shows her wild side in the new music video "Dirty Love." The song is quite close to being called a rock number and Ke$ha killed it with her voice and dance moves. "Death by glitter. hope u like it. heres my directorial debut for the Dirty Love music video from my warrior album...$," the singer captioned the song on her YouTube Page. And glittery it is! The singer with sexy legs is seen dancing with two drag artists dressed in lingerie in the music video as heaps and heaps of glitter falls over them.

Ke$ha's stripping and vulgar gestures are interrupted by clip of man who calls her "smut peddler" and labels her video "too obscene to show." The singer is then joined by drag queens who spray what appears to be beer on Ke$ha who takes a huge gulp from it, only to spit it on the drag queens!

Ke$ha is in full swing now. She squats, writhes on floor and even spreads her knees apart in various dance moves! The critics have slammed the video calling it obscene and vulgar while her fans have already viewed it several times on YouTube. Some of them have even called the video really sexy and artistic!

"Yes it's not child friendly but it fits the song and is not just senseless porno like Wrecking Ball. There is nothing wrong with female sexuality when it is portrayed artistically and not just as a cheap gimmick," writes bouncyshak on YouTube.

"OMG I love these so much, the best single and video of the era love so much that song, I just don´t know why she didn´t release the duet version byt idc love it LOVE IT <3," writes moomboy on YouTube.

The comparisons to Miley are inevitable and Ke$ha's new song is surely going to be a hit. Watch the video below and tell us what you think.


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