Pokemon X and Y: Poke Transport Reappears in eShop; New Miniatures Reddit Fan Game; Tips to Utilizing GTS

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By Gel Galang | January 2, 2014 2:27 PM EST

The Pokemon Bank for "Pokemon X and Y" is still delayed for North America and Europe, and there does not seem to be any news on when it will be made available for download.

But for the lucky few who were able to download the feature before it was removed from the eShop, Serebii reports that the Poke Transporter has already been added to the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop.

This means that the feature is accessible via the Pokemon Bank software. Once accessed, users will be taken to the eShop page, and only then can they access the Poke Transporter for the "Pokemon X and Y."

For now, however, it is best that users register a Nintendo Network ID already for their 3DS console before the "Pokemon X and Y" Pokemon Bank gets released again, so they can be among the first to avail of the re-release.

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Fan-made Pokemon Card Game from Reddit

Reddit is fast becoming a haven for new "Pokemon X and Y"-related projects, and the latest comes from Redditor menace64.

"This game is inspired by (and drawn heavily upon) Wizards of the Coast's once-popular, now-forgotten Star Wars Miniatures, a game I loved dearly and cherish to this day," said menace64.

Taking cue from that, the Pokemon tabletop miniature game features 857 individually written cards for each Pokemon species. It has taken menace64 4 months to create the game, and for good reason, considering that it has its very own rule book, maps, hold items, booster packs and checklists.

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Since the game has just been conceptualised, those who are interested in playing it can join the new community via r/pokemoncmg. The author has allowed interested participants to print out the cards, which can be viewed here, and encouraged them to also join the subreddit, where other players of the game are collaborating to improve the game.

Utilizing the GTS in Two Steps

"Pokemon X and Y" gamers who have yet to fully enjoy and utilise the GTS, Redditor Pippetella has posted a pretty useful two-step guide to avoid inefficient use of the feature.

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There are two main points to remember when trying to utilise the GTS in "Pokemon X and Y." The first is that, players looking for a new Pokemon or depositing their own just need to type the name of the Pokemon. This feature can be found once they've scrolled past the Z Pokemon.

Another tip is to be able to use the GTS to only choose the Pokemon that they have when conducting a search.

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