The Best Places to Go to See the New Year's Eve 2013 Fireworks Display in Sydney, Australia [WATCH]

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By Janice Somosot | December 31, 2013 8:53 PM EST

New Year's Eve is not complete without fireworks. This is true for a lot of places in the world, but more so in Sydney, Australia. Set against the inky black sky, dazzling fireworks display beautifully light up the atmosphere which is perfect for the holiday festivities that will take place. That's why it's important to be on the perfect spot to get the best view of the fireworks display. Here are some of the best places to go to see the New Year's Eve 2013 (NYE 2013) fireworks display in Sydney, Australia.

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The main area and prime spot to see the fireworks display is right at the heart of the event - the Sydney Harbour. It is scheduled at 9pm, but before that, there are also other activities to keep you and your family busy while waiting for New Year's Eve. You can head on out there as early as 6pm to see the aerial acrobatics and then participate in different events leading up to the fireworks display and the midnight blast, including the bridge lighting.

Or, you and your family can go to Sydney Park on Sydney Park Road, St. Peters if you want a great view of the fireworks display from the south. It has grassy hills that will enable you to get a good view. But, go there early to reserve a great spot. However, drinking is prohibited in the area, so you can just make champagne toasts before going there or after the fireworks display. Entrance is free.

If being at the Sydney Harbour and Sydney Park is so passé for you and your group, then you can try other places to hang out in the inner city such as the Birchgrove Park on Grove Street. It is located on the north side of Sydney and it is a great place to stay with your family, including children because there are a lot of food options and the drinks are non-alcoholic. It opens at 10am (free entrance) and is a great fireworks spot.

You can also try the Bicentennial Park on 2A Chapman Road, Glebe. It is on the western side of Sydney and is close to the water. Entrance is also free. It's the perfect place to have a picnic because you can bring your own food and drinks. But, don't worry about running out of food, because you can also buy food and non-alcoholic drinks there. Plus, you can bring your dogs too, if you want. Bicentennial Park is a dog-friendly park with lots of play equipment for kids.

Or, trek over to Parramatta River Foreshore, which is also on the west side of Sydney. Like the other venues mentioned above, it is a great spot to watch the fireworks display because entrance is free. It is also alcohol-free. What's more is that it has live music, roaming acts, a laser show and rides.

These are just some of the best places to go to see the New Year's Eve 2013 (NYE 2013) fireworks display in Sydney, Australia. It's best to be with a big group to appreciate the sights and sound, not to mention the food and drinks, so gather up your friends and family to party, dine or picnic under the stars while waiting for the sky to bloom with colors.

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