[WATCH] Viral: Baby Joyriding in Roomba Machine, Linkin Park-Gangnam Style Mashup

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By Jesselle Maminta | December 31, 2013 8:03 PM EST

How about a cute video and a playlist of remixed songs to end the year 2013?

YouTube User mrmikeb84 posts this 22-second video of his seven-month-old son riding the Roomba Hoover robotic vacuum cleaner as it goes around the house picking up dirt underneath him. Accompanied with the song Chamillionaire's Ridin' Dirty, the baby seems to be literally living up the words in the song title.

Various sites think that the baby in the video is nothing short of adorable. Mashable thinks that this video "almost upstages the viral sensation from earlier this year of a cat, wearing a shark hat, riding a Roomba and chasing a duckling. Almost."

Meanwhile, Examiner says, "When a child rides an iRobot this good, it might mean they have a career in walking the tightropes as good balance is needed!" and Christian Post believes that "no babies or Roombas were harmed in the filming of this video, though I imagine the resident dust bunnies weren't so lucky."

On the other hand, user Rosalina Sama mashes up all the 12 songs in Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory album with Psy's Gangnam Style, with hilarious and awesome results.

Hybrid Theory is the band's first album which includes tracks such as Paper Cut, In The End and Points of Authority. Gangnam Style, on the other hand, was Psy and the entire K-Pop's ticket to Hollywood fame with its music video deemed as one of the most-watched videos in YouTube.

Huffington Post thinks that this mashup compilation "may just be a super late contender for Best Album of the Year," while Kerrang says that "weirdly, despite it's obvious awfulness, we can't stop listening to it. In fact, although we hate ourselves for saying this, it might actually be kind of brilliant."

Linkin Park is set to headline the Download 2014 music festival next year, while South Korean singer-rapper Psy is currently in New York and is enjoying the success of his follow-up single Gentleman.

Here are two of the Linkin Park songs remixed with Psy's Gangnam Style.

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