‘Big Brother Australia’ Winner Tim Dormer Taking Housemate Ben Zabel To Graceland [VIDEO]

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By Anne Lu | December 31, 2013 4:44 PM EST

“Big Brother Australia” winner Tim Dormer is taking fellow housemate Ben Zabel to the historic Graceland, just as he promised he would when he won the show. But Ben should have known that the zany Tim wouldn’t take him to Elvis Presley’s home without a twist, because their overseas trip will not just end in Tennessee.

It can be recalled back in November when he was declared as the grand winner, Tim said he would take Ben to Graceland because his friend has been meaning to go there for a long time. But after more than a month since then, it appeared that Tim has forgotten all about his promise.

Not so. In a video posted by Tim on YouTube on Tuesday, the 29-year-old university student surprised his pyjama-wearing housemate in his flat by filming their encounter while announcing that they are going on a trip to the U.S.

“I wish you could just ask me privately and then we could film it,” Ben told him, but Tim insisted that it’s the viewers would like to see his genuine and unguarded reaction when he told him his surprise.

And true enough, the viewers got to see Ben’s emotional reaction when Tim told him to pack his bags for their Graceland trip.

As Ben earlier explained, although he thought Tim had the best intention when he promised the Graceland trip, he understood that organising it would be difficult so he wasn’t expecting his friend to keep his promise.

“But there’s a twist,” Tim started, saying that he would take Ben to Graceland on one condition.

“Graceland is your dream. That’s your dream destination. If I take you to your dream destination, you have to promise to come to mine afterwards. Will you come to the jungles of South America with me if I take you to Graceland to visit Elvis’ home?”

For a moment there it seemed like Ben was going to say no. “Big Brother Australia” fans knew Ben as mild-mannered and a bit of a cleanliness freak who values orderliness and routine. It’s almost unimaginable for him to be left in the wilds.

But after a few reluctant, wordless moans, Ben surprised Tim by saying yes.

“I don’t want to go to the jungle, but I want to go to Graceland,” Ben said, to which Tim countered, “I don’t want to go to Graceland, but I want to go to the jungle.”

The twist didn’t end there, though. Tim revealed that they are going to take a camera crew with them.

Tim didn’t divulge the broadcast details of their upcoming trip, but it is presumed that he will be filming it in the hopes that Channel 9 would pick it up for a new show. He has added the hashtag #TimAndBenShow2014 in his video announcement, which just means that he has planned to turn their adventure into a show.

If Channel 9 decides not to pick up their show, Tim can always just upload it on his YouTube channel or through other avenues. As the most popular housemates of season 10, they sure have quite a few followers who would gladly watch their adventures together.

Tim and Ben would be joined in South America by fellow housemate Drew as well.

A few days before Christmas, Tim told all his fellow housemates, including intruder Justynn Harcourt and their pet Mr Clooney, that he would be giving them $500 each. In his “Naughty or Nice Christmas Gift” uploaded video, the $250,000 winner said that the housemates may opt to keep the cash gift for themselves or donate it to charity.


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