Samsung vs Asus: New Samsung Galaxy Patent Alleged Asus Padfone Copycat

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By Precious Silva | December 31, 2013 2:15 PM EST

Samsung has been releasing a range of devices for the past years. The South Korean tech giant has offered just about every screen size and configuration possible. Just when the market could not think of ways Samsung can diversity further, the Samsung Galaxy Hit arrives. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has been a success globally. The three generations so far sold millions across the globe. Many analysts agree that the first of the series jumpstarted the era of phablets. These days, people can find a multitude of phablets catering to different types of users. 

Despite the success of the Note, there are still consumers not satisfied with it. Some consumers feel that the Note series and similar products lack both worlds. They are too big to be used comfortably as a phone but they are too small to become a full laptop replacement. 

To fill in the gap, Asus decided to put out the Asus Padfone. As the name implies, the device features a phone and a tablet. It is a combination of a tablet PC and a smartphone literally. While it may not have a similar success story as the Note, it appealed to a certain group of the market. If not, Samsung would not have considered a similar product to it. 

The Padfone brings the best of both worlds. However, it may not be long before it finds a match in the market. The Samsung Galaxy Hit appears to sport the same design as the Asus' flagship. According to reports, a new patent sighting reveals Samsung's intent to go against the Asus Padfone. 

If the patent sighting becomes a real-life offering, then the Samsung Galaxy Hit will be the company's initial attempt at conquering another segment of the market. Compared to hybrids, the Asus Padfone and the Samsung Galaxy Hit embody the true meaning of phablets. They have both components ready at the user's dispense. 

According to the report sighting, the Samsung Galaxy Hit features a tablet PC docking station. Aside from that, Samsung has not released any more details. People will have to wait for the official announcement from the company. To see the patent reported, click here

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