Pokemon X and Y: Guess How Much Effort Went Into the Game, A Fan-Made Pokemon Game From Reddit

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By Gel Galang | December 31, 2013 12:12 PM EST

While there are many tips for playing, guides and infographics and even Shiny-finding methods, some interesting facts about Pokemon X and Y game in terms of creation have been revealed.

Game Freak's Junichi Masuda has shared some interesting information and trivia about the Pokemon X and Y. Nintendo Everything has spotted a blog post on Game Freak's official website, wherein Masuda has given a quick glimpse of Pokemon X and Y as a project grounded on more than just developing another game.

"Since the launch day is the same worldwide, all players across the world can enjoy the game at the same time; sharing the discovery and adventure together," Masuda said in the blog.

Some of the trivia include that it took more than 500 staffers to complete Pokemon X and Y, all of whom had worked on the game for three and a half years. In addition, there's art and progression to the way it was created, since there were a number of considerations in the way that it was made.

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For instance, the game runs on more than just the idea of "gotta catch 'em all," as it includes beauty, bonds, and even evolution. This is seen in the way that Pokemon X and Y was even named as a franchise.

Taking cue from the idea of an X and Y on an axis where there is one point of intersection, the game aims to find the common point in one another as players--perhaps in the aim of enjoying the world of Pokemon X and Y in each player's unique way, but enjoying it altogether nevertheless.

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition Game Made By A Fan

If you're looking for another game related to Pokemon, here's one that had been shared via Reddit. Dubbed Super Pokemon Eevee Edition, this is a new Pokemon fan creation that gives a new spin for the game.

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"If you're a fan of Pokemon (especially the early generations) or Final Fantasy or both, then you should really try the game. It's in beta, currently 4-8 hours long," Raonak, the developer on Reddit, said.

The developer has revealed a few snapshots and gifs to give you a quick sample of the game, which you can check in the link above. Basically, here are a few things that you can expect in the game.

There will be retro graphics, as the Super Pokemon Eevee Edition is pretty much a retro-style game that takes its graphic design from the second generation. You also get to have an Eevee starter Pokemon that can switch between evolutions of its own accord.

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There's also a new battle system which takes after the Final Fantasy-style battle where you get to have four Pokemons to complete your team and can easily come out in battle all at the same time. The storyline is also something to be experienced, as you have characters like hypervisors that basically have the goal of rebooting the world.

In addition, there are other side quests, achievements, crafting and even corrupted Pokemons that you can check out. For the meantime, Super Pokemon Eevee Edition, which is at four chapters of beta, and you can download it also at the link above.

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