iOS Games to Watch Out For: Joe Danger Infinity, Family Guy, THIEF, Agents of Storm and Final Fantasy VI

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By Gel Galang | December 31, 2013 11:32 AM EST

There are a lot of games to look forward to in 2014, particularly for the iOS platform. While there are some games on the list with Android versions, these are pretty much what will be gracing the mobiles of gamers, casual and hardcore alike, once the new year hits.

'THIEF' Companion App

Square Enix's upcoming game "THIEF" debuting on Feb 25, 2014 is getting an official companion app for both the iOS and Android.

From a press release obtained by BioGamer Girl, the companion app will give a more comprehensive peek into the "THIEF" universe and serve as a second-screen mechanism for the official console game.

It's a paid app, but a lite version is also available in various languages to be released a little earlier than the actual app. This lite version will have "THIEF" news, access to trailers, artwork, screenshots and character bios, though it won't really give players the direct link to the main game like the paid version. Other add-ons in the paid version include a tracker for in-game stats and loot, interactive digital maps, the first two issues of the official "THIEF" digital comics from Dark Horse Comics, exclusive art and background from the dev team and access to official "THIEF" merchandise.

The official "THIEF" app will be available for download for $2.99 at the same time as the game's release.

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'Family Guy'

Fox Digital Entertainment has revealed a new game coming out on iOS and Android that's based on another family on TV. Following the footsteps of "The Simpsons: Tapped Out," "Family Guy" will be getting its own mobile app game, though the only detail for what can be expected is that it will be an adventure/simulation, reports Eurogamer.

It seems that the writers for the show will have a hand in the development of the game, as there will be a story in the "Family Guy" mobile app that takes the past and present events into the mix.

'Agents of Storm'

For those looking for a more ground-breaking iOS game for 2014, Remedy Entertainment has promised at the Spike VGX Awards that this is what "Agents of Storm" will bring.

GameSpot reports that "Agents of Storm" is new as an iOS game in the sense that it will be a reversed tower defense concept that will also involve building a base and fleet of ships as well as a 3-D world.

There are no details yet of what exactly will happen in the game or even when it will be released, but an early 2014 date has been pegged.

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'Final Fantasy VI' on iOS

Gamers can now play "Final Fantasy VI" while on the go, as developer Square Enix has recently unveiled the upcoming port of the game for both iOS and Android devices.

Check out the trailer below to see some of the artwork for the game, and what can be discerned of the gameplay:

(Credit: YouTube/Final Fantasy Network)

"The battle systems have been altered for the other [mobile remakes] for Final Fantasy and VI will be the same. Now on the mobile devices the battle systems have been adjusted so you don't have to fight as much and can enjoy the game for what it is," said Takashi Tokita, director at Square Enix, in a statement quoted by App Advice.

While there is no definite date beyond a winter release, it's likely that Square Enix will bring it to mobile devices by the early part of the year.

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'Joe Danger Infinity'

Hello Games, which is now creating quite a stir with its "No Man's Sky," has another game, this time heading to the iOS.

"Joe Danger Infinity," an endless runner game that continues the "Joe Danger" series following "Joe Danger Touch" from early 2013. According to Videogamer, this new game will put Joe in the shoes of a new small toy that was brought to life.

Players will encounter 24 playable characters, 20 vehicles and a number of environments where players can race and run around in. While there is no definite release date yet for "Joe Danger Infinity," it's surely another must-play game on the iOS.

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