Gaming News: Rockstar Verifies GTA 5 Online Jobs, Attack On Titan 3DS Gets Sasha, Levi DLCs, Two More For J-Stars Victory Vs Roster

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By Gel Galang | December 31, 2013 11:12 AM EST

There's quite a bit of progress in terms of what can be done in GTA 5 Online. Even though some of the exploits still exist in the game, there are some legit and fun ways to enjoy Grand Theft Auto 5's online game.

Rockstar has recently announced via the Newswire that it has just verified a couple of jobs that have been made by the players in the GTA Online Creator community. These are pretty much the handpicked of the million bunch player-created jobs that others can play with.

"These Jobs have been hand-selected and tested. Please note that all job names below are as originally chosen by their creators, except where we felt obliged to change them due to taste, copyright or other reasons," the developer said.

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The verified Jobs also have the advantage of becoming available across platforms, so everyone can enjoy them. The approved GTA 5 Online Jobs are divided into Races and Deathmatches. Here are some of the verified Jobs:

- Over The Hill II by LXG No Mercy (Races): Overcome obstacles as you go up and down Mt. Chiliad.

- Jumps Jumps Jumps by iTzPressure (Races): As the name suggests, your biggest feat are the jumps, which are strategically placed in the highway from Mount Gordo to Grand Senora Desert.

- LS Forum by caskillo (Races): You'll be racing along the Velo/NASCAR-style rooftop of Maze Bank Arena using motorbikes as the recommended vehicle of choice so you can view the full Los Santos scene below.

- Prison Thugz Fight by Mike921 (Deathmatches): The setting is Bolingbroke Penitentiary, and this deathmatch puts jailhouse wreckage and wreck time to a whole new level with bats, knives, and nightsticks.

- Bridge of Death by Junestar225 (Deathmatches): It's a face-off on the bridge right above La Puerta Bay where you have a bevy of firearms, weapons, and barriers for the ultimate destruction.

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J-Stars Victory Vs Gets Two More, Plus Story Locations

The ever-growing cast of J-Stars Victory Vs gets two more additions as Saint Seiya's Pegasus Saint Seiya and D. Gray-man's Allen Walker joins the cast of shounen heroes of the PlayStation-exclusive game.

According to Anime News Network, the two will have particular powers, with Seiya getting his Meteor Fist while Walker gets a clawed left hand. Also, you can expect a two by two battle of four players for both the PS3 and PS Vita, though the online mode (and the actual game) is only available for the PS3 version in Japan.

Aside from this, Saiyan Island was able to confirm via a magazine scan that there will be a four-arc story mode for the game. The players will be able to go to four different locations, two of which have already been revealed as the Hidden Leaf Village in Naruto and Kingdom of Alabasta in One Piece.

There are still no news as to whether J-Stars Victory Vs will come to regions outside of Japan, as it's a game that celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Japanese magazine, Shonen Jump.

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Attack On Titan 3DS Game Gets 2 DLCs

For those who have been playing Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind on the 3DS and are getting tired of the same characters, developer Spike Chunsoft is giving two more in the form of Sasha and Levi from the Survey Corps.

An interesting take for Sasha in the DLC is that she will have two unique but very fitting weapons: a fork and a knife. Crunchy Roll has found a trailer showing off the two in action, as can be seen below.

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