Who is Oksana Aslanova – The Woman Suicide Bomber in Russia?

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By Sounak Mukhopadhyay | December 31, 2013 9:49 AM EST

— RT (@RT_com) December 29, 2013

The woman suicide bomber responsible for the blast in the Volgograd railway station is Oksana Aslanova. She was believed to be 26 when she blew up herself and killed 17 more along with her.

Chechen militants whose leader posted a video in July 2013 asking his fellow militants to do their best to prevent the Sochi Winter Olympics to happen are believed to be responsible for the attack. Another bomb blast took place within the next 24 hours in the same city killing at least 14. Meanwhile, the woman behind the blast has apparently raised curiosity about her past.

Reports suggest that Ms Aslanova, born in Tyumen region, was married twice. Both her husbands (One of them was identified to be General Validzhanov) were killed by the Russian forces in the North Caucasus clashes. According to Russia Today, the Kremlin mouthpiece, Ms Aslanova had been on the wanted list of the Russian government since June 2012. She used to live in Raduzhniy in Nizhnevartovsk district of Khanty-Mansiysk region, The Siberian Times reports.

Earlier reports by the Dagestan Interior Ministry suggested that Ms Aslanova might have become a "black widow" after going through "training in camps." She was expected to be responsible for terrorist attacks "on the territory of Russia," it said.

Ms Aslanova, a Muslim convert, has been identified as the prime suspect behind the suicide attack by her head which was apparently cut off from her body in the blast. She seemed to have a male partner in crime as his mutilated finger with a grenade pin has also been discovered. Ms Aslanova is believed to a close associate of Naida "Amaturahman" Asiyalova who was responsible for the October attack on Volgograd, according to the Freedom Outpost.

Alfa Anti-Terrorism Unit Deputy-Head Alexei Filatov expects more similar attacks. He informed Reuters that the threat happened to be the greatest just before the Olympics as it would be the most suitable situation for the terrorists to "make the biggest impression." He also clarified that terrorists would not be able to plant any attack in Sochi as the security measures had been heightened. That is why they are going to target nearby cities such as Volgograd, he said.

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