Cody Walker Reacts on 'Paul Walker Faked His Death' Rumour

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By ambika thakur | December 30, 2013 7:27 PM EST

On December 28,2013, Cody Walker shared the news headline entitled "Paul Walker Faked His Death - New Claim Upsets Fans - Hello Fashion" on his facebook page and commented; "So Disrespectful. This media is so cruel. Please Let My Brother Rest In Peace....."

Paul Walker's Brother Cody Walker has broken his silence over the entire fake death rumour circulating across Twitter and other social media networks. Since the tragic death of the "Fast and the Furious 7" leading actor, Walker's younger brother Cody has put forward a noteworthy comment about the, claims. On December 24, 2013,, reported that late Walker Girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell along with crew member of the "Fast and Furious" franchise faked the accident of the late actors Paul and Roger and that their death is a hoax!

The so -called "pictorial evidences" they put up on their Web site have comprehensive illustration of the set-up of the accident site and even posted some videos which claimed that a replica was used during the car crash in place of the real Walker. The website Nodisinfo claimed "It has already been established that the relatives of Paul Walker are involved in a cover-up." named by the late actors fans as the "insensitive website" went on stating "They are all lying. Paul Walker didn't die." The so-called "Insensitive website" has even put up a lot of reports with titles like,

  1. "Paul Walker 'Still Alive' Video Legitimate"
  2. "Paul Walker Hoax Goes Mainstream"
  3. "Hard Proof in Walker Hoax of Flame Throwers and More"

Myriads of people have supported, commented, and liked Cody's response on the fake death reports of his late brother on social media. We have compiled some of the best comments supporting Cody's reaction on Facebook:

Rosana Ferreira wrote: "I have to agree with you Cody; the media does not respect the suffering of others .... I feel sorry for your family."

Windy Chavis commented: "People need to grow up and show the Walker family respect. What his daughter and his family are going through is hard enough they don't need ignorant people spreading lies and being disrespectful. Paul was a bright intelligent actor and I loved watching his work. The media needs to stop with the lies just to sell papers and magazines. Thank of his 15 year old precious angel he left behind. Do you really think he would do something like that to her or his parents or brothers? Get real he was a man that gave to all in need. U should be ashamed of you for being so cruel. Leave his daughter and family alone. RIP Paul Walker you have a beautiful soul. Please forgive the ignorant people of the world and watch over your daughter and family."

Melledy Vittorio stated: "Cody, your brother hardly ever reacted to any negative posts and actually disliked what fame and living the "typical" life of being famous can do to you, so as hard as it is and yes, people especially the media is and can be very cruel, it's their job to seek sensation... I suggest that you concentrate on all the positive and good memories and life of Paul and rather think and speak about that... I'm sure he would have wanted you to do that as he really didn't give a shit (pardon my French) what people said, knowing that it isn't true... protect yourself by steering away from any negative upsetting material, don't even read it and look the other way... I'm so sorry... I hope my bit of advice makes sense and helps you."

Annie Pyka So sad that they are low enough to use other people's pain to get noticed & make a dollar.. Anybody with half a brain knows this is false allegations & disrespectful to you & your family in your time of grief. I hope you find comfort knowing that Paul was a greatly admired by his fans & share in your loss of a great man, may he rest in peace!

 Vanessa Ramirez wrote: "When I read this I couldn't believe what I was reading. People have no shame & no respect.

Mathew Buckingham wrote: "lead by example your doing fine. Jay Z said it best feeling like a pimp get that dirt off your shoulders Cody walker."

Watch: PAUL WALKER faked his death? Nonsense - see this & make your judgement!

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