The Walking Dead Post Mid-Season Finale Episodes: Major Spoilers – Death of a Major Character

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By Tarun Mazumdar | December 30, 2013 1:44 PM EST

On Dec 1, 2013, "The Walking Dead" season 4 episode 8 saw the bloody battle between the prison members and Governor's army. The fans witnessed the devastating and brutal slaying of Hershel Greene, thanks to the one-eyed monster, Governor. The episode concluded with the prison group split-up. There are lots of possibilities in terms of character development as well as the storyline.

Let's have a look at some of the major spoilers.

1.    Daryl Dixon's Exclusive Episodes: According to, fans can expect at least one or two episodes focusing entirely on Daryl Dixon. In the first part of season 4, Daryl had little screen time.

2.    Small Group-centric episodes: After the battle at the prison, the group was divided, and they moved in different directions. We can expect exclusive small group episodes just like the Governor-centric episodes before "The Walking Dead" season 4 mid-season finale episodes.

3.    Carl is the boss in "The Walking Dead" season 4 episode 9:  In the sneak peak of "The Walking Dead" 4X09, Carl Grimes is seen luring two walkers. He is walking backwards with a piece of meat in his hand. He is taking them away from the house. "Just wait, all I will say is just wait for what this kid [Chandler Riggs] is going to do this season. He I think has done one of the best episodes certainly this season, and he kind of carries it. It's beautiful what he's done," said Andrew Lincoln to

4.    Death of a major character: One of the main cast members, who will die by the end of "TWD" season 4. This major cast member or character is not dead in the comic books. Will Glenn die?

5.    Return of Carol Peletier: Robert Kirkman confirmed Carol's return in season 4 of the show. Rumours had it she will meet Tyreese when she returns. He is not aware that she killed David and Karen.

"The Walking Dead" returns with episode 9 on Feb 9, 2014 on AMC. 

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