Pokemon X And Y Pokemon Bank Delayed Because Of Outages and Changes, Unable To Stop Hacked Pokemons?

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By Gel Galang | December 30, 2013 12:54 PM EST

Pokemon X and Y gamers were disappointed when the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter's Dec. 27 release was pushed back to an unspecified date in 2014.

Previous reports have pointed out that this was due to the ''surge in demand for the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter," which led first to the Web site experiencing heavy traffic and eventually temporary removal of the Pokemon Bank from the Nintendo 3DS Shop, Serebii reported.

At present, the Pokemon Bank has a release date of "To Be Decided" for both the North American and European eShops, and the latest about its status as a delayed feature continues for North America, Europe and Oceania.

However, the report added those who have already downloaded the Pokemon Bank can use it for Pokemon X and Y. No details yet have been discussed if the 30-day trial for those who were able to get through the traffic will count the days of the temporary removal.

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Hacked, Illegal Pokemons Still In Pokemon X And Y post-bank

The coming of Pokemon Bank for the Pokemon X and Y was supposed to usher in the diminishing and complete removal of hacked and illegal Pokemons from being transferred to the Pokemon X and Y games.

Today, it seems like this will still be impossible, as evidence of illegal Pokemons being transferred and not caught by the Pokemon Bank have been found.

Kotaku reported some of the proofs of how you may still encounter these illegal Pokemons in the sixth generation game. To begin with, there now seems to be a divide between what is "legitimate" Pokemon from "legal" Pokemon, both of which may be found in Pokemon X and Y post-Pokemon Bank.

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Based on reports, the legitimate Pokemons are those that can be caught or bred in-game, while those that are legal are the ones that may have been hacked or cheated into Pokemon X and Y, but nevertheless exist in the game. There are also the illegal ones, which should be filtered out by the Pokemon Bank.

Some of the supposed illegal Pokemons that have already made their way to Pokemon X and Y include a Shiny Pokemon with a Dream World ability, a Level 1 Gengar and even Tepig with a "Thick Fat" ability.

Heavy Traffic, Unstable Web Site, Fixes Being Done?

Nintendo has finally announced via its @NintendoAmerica Twitter account the stability of the eShop in a series of Tweets found by Nintendo Everything.

"The Nintendo eShops is now available on all systems."

"We do not anticipate any further outages, but we will continue to closely monitor the situation."

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For the status of the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter, the most that the company can give is that it will bring in more information about the launch "as soon as possible."

Hardcore Gamer has stumbled upon an interesting tidbit regarding the Pokemon Bank, wherein there may be a possibility the new features giving gamers 15+ Club Nintendo Coins each.

One interesting speculation may be that a patch for the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter is also being incorporated into the feature, given that some illegal Pokemons are still able to get through as tested by other Pokemon Bank users.

But it may also be possible that the rollout of the Pokemon Bank may be more gradual compared to its first debut so as to avoid a similar event from happening.

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