Big Brother Australia's Most Controversial and Unforgettable Moments Ever

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By ambika thakur | December 30, 2013 9:42 AM EST

Big Brother is one of Australia's most popular shows. With the very new season, Big Brother has emerged with more twists and turns spicing up the show. But the best moments were the unscripted events that threw the BB house into commotion and grabbed the interest of the entire country. We have compiled a list of some best moments in the Big Brother Australia house.

Sara-Marie Fedele's Dance was one of the most interesting things of BB house. She had made that cute bunny ears headband very famous in 2001. She achieved recognition as one of the most outspoken and most ostentatious housemates on "Big Brother Australia." She became well-known for the "Bum Dance" during her stay in the house, along with her headband and chunky figure.

Jess and Marty hook up despite he has a girlfriend.

Belinda accidently revealed that her sibling was involved in a killing under the influence of alcohol. Although the scene was not aired on the show but unfortunately people watched it on live feeds on the BB Web site and this led to a huge meltdown on the site subsequently message boards were closed. Belinda soon after the incident left the show willingly.

Bree accidentally gets evicted due to a mistake in the voting and then got back again in the BB house.


Merlin made an effort to free the refugees. Housemate Merlin upon entering the stage after his eviction revealed a makeshift banner which read "Free Th Refugees." He astonished the whole nation when he denied talking to Gretel Killeen and sealed his mouth with a tape. Merlin afterwards told George Negus, "One is that it was a silent protest to symbolise the fact that refugees in Australia don't have a voice. And they feel that desperation and that helplessness to the point where they stitch their lips together. The other thing was that there was 3,000 people chanting "Loser!" in my face so it wasn't really an appropriate forum to have a discussion about the issue I felt strongly about. And in reality, Gretel would have let me say two things and then asked me who my favourite housemate was."

Secret Mother and Daughter. In 2006 a secret mother and daughter with identical, breast implants managed to go unnoticed while their secret got revealed after a few weeks. Karen, the mother, eliminated quickly, but her daughter Krystal managed to stay for long and later had a good career in Australian men's magazines.

The first sexual assault incident in BB house occurred in 2005, when one male housemate gave another a massage with his bare genitals.
The second sexual assault incident was the iniquitous turkey slap. John gripped Camilla down at the same time as Ashley massaged his genitals on her face. The obnoxious incident was never aired in the show, but was available on live streams. John and Ashley were evicted right away, and the entire nation, including former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard denounced the show. "Here's a great opportunity for Channel 10 to do a bit of self-regulation and get this stupid program off the air" stated the former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard. Opposition leaders Kim Beazley and Sen. Steve Fielding also corroborated this opinion.

On July 8, 2003, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment released an M rated DVD entitled, “Big Brother: Unseen/Uncut/Unreal” featuring risqué, ribald and saucy moments from the series and became quite successful.

Here is the complete list of winners by the series:

  1. Big Brother 1- Ben Williams
  2. Big Brother 2- Peter Corbett
  3. Celebrity Big Brother 1-Dylan Lewis
  4. Big Brother 3-Regina Bird
  5. Big Brother 4-Trevor Butler
  6. Big Brother 5-Greg Mathew
  7. Big Brother 6-Jamie Brooksby
  8. Big Brother 7-Aleisha Cowcher
  9. Big Brother 8-Terri Munro
  10. Big Brother 10- Tim Dormer

During the Finale of Big Brother Australia 2013 Sonia Kruger announced that the eleventh season series had been renewed by Nine for 2014.

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