iOS 7 Jailbreak: Reasons You Should Jailbreak Your iOS Device

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By Karla Danica Figuerres | December 29, 2013 10:18 AM EST

The long wait is over as an official jailbreak for the iOS 7 has recently been released. However, it is still buggy and lacks the official Cydia support. Some suggested holding the jailbreak temporarily until the Cydia support is updated.

Although there is a myriad of reasons jailbreaking is a bad idea, here are some pros that might make you consider jailbreaking your device. In some cases, the pros might even outweigh the cons and while the process is risky, it is still quite beneficial.


One of the main reasons users jailbreak their devices is that they want to customize and make their devices truly their own. Basically, the iOS is really not customizable but with a couple of jailbreak tweaks, you can already personalize your device based on your preference. However, although the iOS 7 is already made available, there are no tweaks yet for it.


Another advantage of jailbreak is the ability to tether your iPad or iPhones data plan to your desktop or laptop. Although carriers allow you to perform this with the Mobile Hotspot, you are required to pay for it and you are only given a limited amount of data. There are a wide array of tethering apps for jailbroken devices like the TetherMe and the PDANet being popular options. Although these apps are not available for free, you do not need to pay for costly monthly fees like you normally do.

Changing Default Apps

As the name suggests, default apps cannot be changed. Apple does not allow its users to change default apps for particular tasks. But lo and behold, jailbreaking allows you to use third-party apps as defaults. For example, you may open up links in Chrome or other third-party Web browsers instead of the default Safari. Or you can use Siri on Google Maps to ask for directions instead of using the Apple Map app.

Accessing Unauthorized Apps

There is no doubt that Apple has the best apps to choose from. You always want something you can't have, don't you? Although the iTunes App Store offers million apps, Apple remains strict as to what apps it allows. A number of great apps have been pulled out from the iTunes App Store and you can only get them through Cydia on jailbroken devices. 

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