'Huge' Meteor Sighting in Iowa and Illinois Filmed, Witnesses Stunned [VIDEO]

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By Arlene Paredes | December 29, 2013 4:47 AM EST

A "huge" meteor sighting over the weekend amazed several witnesses across the Midwest in the U.S. Social network users from Iowa, Illinois, and other states in the Midwest region describe the cosmic object as "bright" like "a ball of fire." A street camera caught the meteor sighting in North Liberty.

"People across the Midwest reported seeing a bright fireball streak across the sky Thursday evening. And it was caught on camera in North Liberty," says the meteor video description on YouTube. User @TheLifebeyondearth uploaded the video.

The meteor video below was "from the city of North Liberty Streets Department." Below are some of the witness accounts as posted on kcrg.com.

"Seen it driving by meckling on hwy 50 in SD. It was flashing green though and just disapeared. Didnt go out of our range of sight looked it it dicipated or vanished in a flash. Pretty awesome," writes Facebook user David Hahn.

"My husband saw it near Galesburg, IL, while he was driving north on Rte. 41. He described it as an orange fireball with a green tail," writes Facebook user Julie Purl.

"Saw it flashing through the clouds near Toddville. It reminded me of the landing lights on a commercial jet liner (it seemed that bright), except there wasn't a runway and it was green. It did just disappear, which left me wondering what it was. Figured it was a meteor and I'd hear about it eventually," writes Kevin Voss.

VIDEO: Huge Meteor Captured on Security Camera (By @TheLifebeyondearth)

No meteor landing site has so far been reported. This Midwest space sighting beats Comet ISON for many sky show hopefuls this end-2013. Some reports citing unverified sources said the famous comet would be at least as bright as the full moon. Some scientists have denied making such claims, however.

The meteor sighting filmed in Iowa has met a few skeptics, asking witnesses whether it was really a meteor, a satellite, or something else. That the very bright light suddenly disappeared into the sky convinced many observers that they definitely saw a meteor or meteorite.

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