Justin Bieber Pays Poignant Tribute to ‘Mrs. Bieber’ Avalanna Routh in ‘Believe’

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By ambika thakur | December 27, 2013 7:25 PM EST

In his latest movie "Believe" Justin Bieber has paid a touching tribute to his deceased super- fan, Avalanna Routh called as "Mrs. Bieber."  19-year-old Canadian singing sensation met the 6-year-old fan in February, 2012 when she was battling brain tumour, and her poignant memories remained with him ever since, even after her dreadful death in September, 2012.  He dedicated a major part of his film to late Routh, and candidly shown how special the little angel was to him.

This die hard "Belieber" had immense impact on Bieber's life as depicted in his new film "Believe." Little Avalanna had a full-size cut-out of Bieber's image in her room and she allegedly married the cut-out and that is the reason she was entitled "Mrs. Bieber." During one of his performances immediately after her death in 2012 Justin made Avalanna his "One Less Lonely Girl" and paid a tribute to her.  Apparently Beliebers are familiar with the fact that Justin generally chooses a fortunate girl from the audience to preside over the chair as he offers to the chosen "OLLG."  For his tribute to Avalanna, he left the chair vacant and put a complete slideshow of her photographs on the VDU behind him, and sang unswervingly to the screen.  

In an interview with ComingSoon.net Jon M. Chu creative director for Bieber's latest tour that developed into a movie "Believe" revealed that this movies is the true reflection of Justin as a human being and an artist.

 "I wanted to make the movie to show who he really is, because I know him as a person, as a friend, and not what the media portrays to him be or what even he portrays himself to me. He plays music every second of the day, writing music. If you closed him in a room, he would start playing music and writing. There's no doubt in my mind that he will be making music for the rest of his life, whether someone is paying for it or not. That, to me, is a sign that at the very least he will be okay, because he loves the craft. I don't know if everyone else will like his music in the future or not, but that's not up to me, but I know that he loves it and Mike Posner said something really interesting, he said, "If you're a musician and your goal is to become rich and famous, your journey is done, that's it. If you're a musician and your goal is to be a better musician and to be a better artist then that journey never ends." I think that's really true about what I see in Justin that with all his antics, with all his stuff about growing up, beyond that, with his career and what he's going to be doing, how he's going to be doing it, his love of music, his love of the actual craft of making stuff is different than so many other artists out there," stated Jon M. Chu.

Sharing Avalanna's influential story in his movie was one of the most genuine things Justin has ever done. Indeed he has made entire world go emotional while watching the movie "Believe."

Watch: Justin Bieber CRIES in Believe Official Movie Trailer

One Less Lonely Girl Tribute to Avalanna - Believe Tour - Glendale, AZ 9/29/2012

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