‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 9 Promo, Sneak Peek and Comic Books Spoilers: What to Expect?

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By Tarun Mazumdar | December 27, 2013 6:01 PM EST

"The Walking Dead" returns on February 9, 2014 and the wait is just killing the fans. The promo, sneak peek and spoilers from comic books have quenched our thirst to some extent. On December 1, "The Walking Dead" season shared a preview for what we can expect in February 2014.

The promo of "The Walking Dead" season 4 episode 9 might be for the entire remaining episodes of the second half. It is a teaser for the upcoming episodes in general.

However, the sneak peek of "The Walking Dead" season 4 episode 9 suggests that Carl Grimes will play a key role in that episode.

Credit: YouTube/Rick Grimes

The Carl scenes depicted in the sneak peek shows the brave side of the young boy. In the sneak peek, Carl is seen teasing two walkers. He's grown some ba**s for sure. He is luring the walkers. Carl is careful and has perfected the art of backward walking. He has a piece of meat as bait in his hand. The lousy walkers follow him down the street. The walkers were banging the door in the sneak peek and it might be of the house that provided shelter to Carl and Rick after the prison war.

Rick is devastated after the alleged death of baby Judith. It is unclear if the little one is dead or not.

Promo of "The Walking Dead" season 4 post mid-season finale episodes

Credit: YouTube/iMDbTV

The walkers have entered into the prison and it is not a safe place at for Rick and his team. The promo showcases Tyreese walking outside. He looks confused and later seen hammering a biter. Beth is moving away from a fire. Bob Stookey and Sasha are walking. They are together but separated from the group. Daryl Dixon and his crossbow are together (thankfully).

Glenn is holding a light and looking for something in the dark. Maggie Greene looks upset. The promo ends with Carl shaking Rick and screaming "wake up."

Wetpaint posted spoilers from comic books.

Rick and Carl are in a nearby house after the war. Carl's father takes a heavy dose of antibiotics and he finds him unconscious and that explains the "wake up" scream. Later, Grimes meet Michonne on the way and they eventually find Maggie and Glenn and they head to Hershel's farm. In the TV series version, Glenn and Maggie are not together.

We believe that the group is not going reunite soon but instead will be on their own in small groups.

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