Sony Xperia Z1 10 Common Issues or Problems You Should Be Checking After Purchase

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By Ryan Inoyori | December 27, 2013 12:22 PM EST

Sony Xperia Z1 is the current smartest and most powerful Sony smartphone with Triluminos mobile display engine and 20.7 MP Sony G lens camera. However, its powerful features are susceptible to bugs and errors which consumers need to check if they plan to buy this high-class device.

Green or Yellow Hue

The Xperia Z1 features Triluminos display engine that may be connected to some units suffering from greenish or yellowish hue. Unlike with the Xperia Z, the Z1's display could have favoured more of the yellow tinting for crispier images.

(Credit: YouTube/SHEM)

Speaker Location

Although not considered as a defect, the placement of the speaker at the bottom part of the Xperia Z1 is something users will cover when playing games requiring two-hand controls.


High temperature always occur on high-powered smartphones such as the Xperia Z1 and errors may prevent owners from using an app causing the overheat. The prevention brings safety but can be annoying during video recording or using different shooting modes on the camera app.

Camera Issue

Due to the 20.7 MP high-class Sony G lens camera of the Xperia Z1, a camera issue has been caused by overheating from heavy usage. However, the error displaying "Camera is temporarily unavailable due to high temperature" happens even when the camera has been used for just a few minutes, as the video below shows. Software updates usually fix this kind of problem.

(Credit: YouTube/Damir Franc)

Prevented Shooting Modes

Aside from temporary suspension of the camera app during cool down after minutes of use, shooting modes including Superior Auto or Timeshift Burst may be stopped once the device reaches overheating status. It will display "Unfortunately, Timeshift Burst has stopped" and then a notification behind it saying the camera needs to cool down.

Performance Drop

After the camera overheats, users can perform a benchmarking test and compare it to the previous one when they didn't use the camera. It will display a significant drop on the performance during the cool down. Processing images using the Xperia Z1 Sony G lens produces heat and lowering the CPU power helps it to cool down.

Touch Screen Issue

The touch screen experience on the Xperia Z1 may become unpleasant at times and usually happens during extended screen contact. One explanation revealed that it has something to do with the contact of the aluminium casing and human skin. It is more of the hardware issue rather than software.

(Credit: YouTube/EirikGr)

Screen Staying On

An issue that has been reported for the Xperia Z Ultra can also happen on the Xperia Z1. The problem is the device's "screen staying on" if users uncheck the "optimised backlight" on the Display settings. Normally, this problem is software based and if it's not the display settings, reset the smartphone instead.

Frozen or Not Responding

The Xperia Z1 can reach the level of no response which may be solved by closing the apps using the menu soft key, pressing and holding the power key to force it to shut down or, in a worst case scenario, press the "red" button at the left side of the SIM card tray.

Flickering Screen

Defective screen display can produce flickering effect on the Xperia Z1 which is likely caused by a hardware problem. Users should report issues of flickering screen for immediate replacement.

(Credit: YouTube/Mark Lastiwka)

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