‘Sherlock’ 3: Watch Sherlock Back In Christmas Mini-Episode [VIDEO]

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By Anshu Shrivastava | December 26, 2013 12:15 PM EST

Sherlock returns to regale his million upon million fans. On Tuesday night, BBC has released 7:12 minute long mini-Christmas episode, "Many Happy Returns." It is the prequel to "Sherlock" Season 3, which is set to premiere Jan. 1, 2014. 


Anderson is unconvinced about Sherlock's death. He points out the solving of bizarre cases in Tibet, New Delhi and Hamburg to Greg Lestrade, as proof that Sherlock is not dead. Anderson says to Lestrade: "He's out there. He's hiding. But he can't stop himself from getting involved. So obviously it's him."

Lestrade is unconvinced. He thinks that Anderson is fantasizing about a dead man coming to life. He tells Anderson that Sherlock is dead and this cannot be changed.   

"He is getting closer," Anderson says, looking at the marks on a map where the cases were solved. "Looks like he is coming back."  

Lestrade also meets Watson in the Christmas special episode. It looks like Watson is finally coming to terms with Sherlock's death. He gives Watson a box, which contains an uncut version of Sherlock wishing Watson on his birthday.

The uncut version shows Sherlock wishing Watson through a video message because he hates going to birthday dinners as there are people. In the video, Sherlock takes a moment to figure out what he is going to do. Watson wishes that he stops being dead.  

Sherlock's message to his friend, Watson: "Hello John, I'm sorry I'm not there at the moment. I'm very busy. However, Many Happy Return." He also adds not to worry as he will be with him 'very' soon. The door bell rings. Watson pauses the video and gets-up to open the door.

Anderson smiles and says, "He is coming back." Lestrade sees the headline on a newspaper: "The Game is Back On!" The video starts to play again. Sherlock winks and shows us his trademark, all-knowing smile.

The mini-episode does not provide a clue about how Sherlock cheats death. The premiere episode, "The Empty Hearse," holds answer to that mystery. The first episode of "Sherlock" Season 3 picks up two years after the presumed death of Sherlock.

Sherlock comes back to London to realize that things are no longer the same. He will have to stop a terrorist attack on London's underground railway system. 

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