Samsung’s Creepy Ad For Galaxy Gear Watch Going Viral For The Wrong Reasons [VIDEO]

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By Anne Lu | December 25, 2013 12:28 AM EST

Samsung has just released the creepiest ad ever imagined, according to the judicious people of the Internet. The South Korean tech company giant’s ad for its smartphone Galaxy Gear Watch is becoming viral online for the wrong reasons.

The 2.5-minute video appears to rub viewers the wrong way. It is supposed to highlight the wonders of Samsung’s new product that is the Galaxy Gear Watch. But instead, it has left unsavoury impressions on viewers with its apparent message that a too “suave” guy can easily impress women with his high-tech gadget.

Many call it an incredibly cheesy commercial with a creepy hero who uses unbelievable pickup lines that would make women gag in real life.

As Quartz has described it, the “new Samsung ad portrays a dystopian future in which only Galaxy Gear owners have sex.

The ad starts with two men competing for the affection of a woman, whom they’ve just met, while on a ski lift. One man is holding a smartphone, while the other guy, the one who is “geared up,” is wearing the Samsung smartwatch.

“Wanna see something cool,” the Samsung guy asks after giving her his come-hither look. He then tells her to say her number so his watch can call it. And when he does call her, he utters three words that would surely entrance (not!) all women, “Hey pretty lady.”

The hero, whom we learn is named Jack, takes photos of “Aimee” while she skis. Aimee, of course, isn’t informed that her photos are being taken until later when Jack catches up with her to show her the photos and video he has surreptitiously taken.

Later at night, they bump into each other again. The other guy, who has been fumbling with his smartphone since the beginning, still hasn’t gotten any luck with Aimee. Jack, meanwhile, continues to impress her with his high-tech gizmo and his smouldering look.

If any of the scenes hasn’t been particularly creepy for you yet, wait until you get to the last part because that’s where Jack gives the viewers his hottest gaze, complete with a wink for an extra smooth send-off.

“You might find this a believable tale of an advanced present, in which the suave, Bond-like nature of our hero’s tech makes him irresistible,” wrote Cnet. “Or you might find this a spectacular gauche justification for a product that has, as yet, not enough fans to be making a social impact.”

“Apparently, similar to that kid in 4th grade who had a GameBoy printer or a full-grown dude that uses magic to pick up women, Samsung’s concept of love is based on the idea that if you show a girl enough cool s*** in an attempt to suspend her understanding of reality, she’ll have to fall for you,” Jezebel added.

Samsung’s “Are You Geared Up?” ad isn’t exactly the best ad out there, but with more than 1.5 million views since it was uploaded on Saturday on YouTube, it has definitely reached out to its audience.

Still, if there’s a worst ad award for the year, this one would be a strong contender.

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