GTA 5 Online Cheats For PS3 and Xbox: Rockstar Cracks Down Online Gameplay Cheating

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By Vanessa Francisco | December 23, 2013 11:12 PM EST

The Grand Theft Auto 5 is all about robbing and stealing but not from the one who developed it. The game's developers for Rockstar Games recently talked about its crackdown on cheaters. The company will send players who cheat other online game players by exploiting bugs and using tricks to receive unearned piles of GTA dollars to the "cheater's pool."

Players who are sent and condemned to the cheater's pool will be put out and stripped off their illegally earned money. According to The Independent, cheaters won't be allowed to play with other gamers for as long as a couple of months.

"This is in response to some exploits in the games," a Rockstar rep said on the Rockstar Support page. "Additional efforts are now in place to put players who cheat to the cheater's pool. This will reduce the amount of reports on forums of the exploits."

This will certainly dampen the cheater's parade because players have already been accustomed to millions, billions and even trillions of GTA dollars through these fun, sneaky methods. An example of this is a player named epiicmoddingtobi. The Independent reports the gamer as having earned $1,109,674,917,679 worth of GTA dollars. He isn't proven as a cheater yet but it looks like the money was not earned honestly. The player requires 887,739 Great White Shark cash cards that are worth $1,250,000 of in-game money each to reach that amount. Each card costs $22 in U.S. dollars, which mean that the player must have spent $20 million to get the GTA money.

"We want to keep the gameplay environment fair for the legitimate players so we do sweeps routinely to separate out modders and cheaters and to reverse any illegal transactions," the Rockstar Games rep said.

"The sweeps are based on automated in-game detection, manually reviewed proof submitted by the community and examination of suspicious gameplay figures. If a player is not engaged in any willful exploiting or cheating, he does not need to worry about getting caught up while we separate the cheaters from the rest of the fair population."

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