Six Miniature Horses Brutally Killed in Clayton Bay, Survivors Left Traumatised

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By Sounak Mukhopadhyay | December 23, 2013 9:23 PM EST

Six miniature horses were found slaughtered on Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide. It was a strange property attack on the Finnis-Clayton Road farm in Clayton Bay. The horses were stabled on Friday night.

According to police, it was "bizarre and cruel" as all the horses were cut at their throats while three other miniature horses were left without any harm. The attack has apparently devastated the owners who do not have any clue why they were targeted, ABC reports. The property owner's son Daniel Spong said that the killer must have been "extremely sick." However, the owners are still not able to believe that it happened, he said.

According to the owners, the animals were last checked at 9 pm on Friday. They were discovered to be killed at 8:30 pm in the morning on Saturday by a staff member. The ruthless slaughter might have happened during that period when the animals were left alone at night.

Terry Hocking, one of the staff members who look after the horses, was called when the terrible discovery was made. He informs that he went straightaway to the horse he loved the most and found it dead with its throat slashed. He said that he had kept finding one dead horse after another. There were three miniature horses that were left unharmed. Mr Hocking found them extremely traumatised by the incident. He said that they would need time to get back to normalcy.

Julie Jackson, the owner of the property, said that the horses must have trusted the person who killed them. She said that she was shocked by the attack. The horses were last seen on a show at Mallala a couple of weeks back. Mr Spong said that the attacker(s) should be prosecuted at court. The owners have even declared reward for information regarding the attacker(s).

A couple of staff members of the farm had to be hospitalised to be treated for the shock they suffered after discovering the dead horses.

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