‘Sherlock’ Season 3: More Moments of Sherlock Vs Real Life; Christmas Episode New Date [VIDEO]

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By Anshu Shrivastava | December 23, 2013 4:23 PM EST

For a long time, it was a dry season for the millions upon millions fans of "Sherlock." Now, it is raining spoilers. BBC has released an interview with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, executive producers of "Sherlock." They spilled a ladle full of spoilers, revealing the underlying theme of the upcoming season.

Moffat says in the interview: "If there is a unifying idea to series three, its: Sherlock returns to London and life has moved on. He doesn't ever think it will but life has moved on without him. There's a continuing idea that runs through it all, that real life sort of flows around him. One of the advantages of bringing Sherlock into the modern day in a way it's less about the time travel, it's more about him seeing our world and trying to deal with it ... deal with real life ... I think there are more moments of Sherlock Holmes versus real life is like this year than there have been before."

Moffat and Gatiss talked about putting Sherlock in a domestic situation, making him the best man of Watson. Also, the duo talk about bringing in new people so that they can be impressed by Sherlock's tricks, as Watson getting impressed again and again gets repetitive.

"We equally want Sherlock to grow as person," said Gatiss. "He is getting better at it. He is sort of getting morally guided." Gatiss also added that Sherlock is changing but he has not become soft or like everybody else, which is never going to happen.

Additionally, the executive producers talked about two new characters in "Sherlock" Season 3: Mary Morstan and Charles Augustus Magnussen. The entry of Mary as Watson's love interest and wife puts Sherlock in a different element and re-assesses things. "He (Sherlock) is suddenly not quite sure about his ground, anymore -- where he stands," said Gatiss.

In the interview, Gatiss called Charles Augustus Magnussen a "master blackmailer." Moffat added that he is an outstanding villain that would give proper chills and make others shrivel at times.

There is a bonus, mini-Christmas-episode of "Sherlock" Season 3 called "Many Happy Returns." It was earlier reported that the episode will air on Christmas Day, December 25, 2013. However, there is a slight change of plan, as now the special Christmas episode is scheduled to air on Christmas Eve.

Radio Times reports that the bonus episode is seven-minute short. "A series of seemingly unconnected crimes stretching from Tibet to India to Germany. Sherlock Holmes has been gone for two years. But someone isn't quite convinced that he's dead," according to the official synopsis of "Many Happy Returns." It is not yet confirmed whether the fans will get to see Sherlock and Watson in the bonus episode.

The Sherlock short is scheduled to be released on BBC iPlayer from around 2:00pm on Christmas Eve. It will then air on Red Button service. The premiere episode of "Sherlock" Season 3, "The Empty Hearse," is scheduled to air on January 01, 2014.

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