Galaxy Note 3 vs. iPhone 5S: 4 Reasons to Buy the Samsung Phablet This Christmas and Skip the iOS Flagship Phone

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By Erik Pineda | December 23, 2013 2:41 PM EST

At the last count, Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 already clocked 10 million buys and well on its way to erase the record figures posted by its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2. With its current pace, it should be hardly surprising that the device will soon outrace the Galaxy S4.

Samsung has positioned the Galaxy S4 as its 2013 hero phone and true enough the Android-based handset galloped its way to millions of users around the world and edged out the iPhone 5 from Apple.

The tech giant, however, unleashed the iPhone 5S September this year and by October it became the King of Smartphones, underscoring the faltering GS4 performance. But with the Note 3, already in circulation for more than two months, Samsung could rekindle consumers' attraction to the Galaxy upscale line of mobile phones.

And below are the compelling reasons why the supersized smartphone from South Korean could easily upstage its hugely popular iOS nemesis and snatch back for Samsung the smartphone throne by the end of the year.

Bigger display and higher resolution

At 4-inch, the iPhone 5S renders images and clips in Retina resolution, which inarguably is one the biggest selling points for the handset. And having Retina display panel means clear and crisp phone viewer for the 5S in whatever lighting condition.

Samsung deftly offset this advantage by packing a 5.9-inch screen with the Note 3, immediately dwarfing the 5S screen that dates back to the iPhone 5. While the size, no doubt, makes no difference in normal smartphone use such as calls and messaging, the extra screen real estate offers better premium in web browsing and watching clips.

For most users, the need to move around with a tablet and phone in tow has been eliminated, thanks to the hybrid functions and features that the Note 3 has delivered. More thanks to its stretched and high-resolution display that punctuates its advantages over the smaller 5S.


For the average users, multitasking can be negligible. But for business users, which are main target of smartphone makers, the ability to perform and accomplish two tasks at the same time in a powerful device is a must.

The Note 3 offers a combination of specially designed software and hardware - Multi-View and S-Pen - that allows users to work and enjoy while on the go. The unique S-Pen stylus automatically ignites Air Command that offers slew of menu tasks users to choose from. Multi-View, on the other hand, displays two app windows at the same time, which partially mirrors a function that is normally found on PCs.

Both features are absent in the iPhone 5S.


Experts have been impressed with the way Apple is packaging the iPhone camera features, which were sustained with the iPhone 5S. The 5S shooter is nothing short of incredible but when compared to the Note 3, reviewers are in agreement that the Samsung cam in the phablet is more well-rounded - able to do and offering more than what users can get from the 5S.

More useful customisation options

All iOS devices are known for the tight integration of the software and hardware that come out of the box. That is unmatched as far as the iPhone 5S is concerned. But integration the Apple way also meant of a tightly-guarded system.

This is reflected in the solid-build of the 5S that discourages users from prying in. In the Note 3, the back cover is removable, which enables owners to swap the already massive battery inside as needed for extended operating hours.

Also, a microSD card slot is also provided, giving users the ability to expand the Note 3's built-in storage capacity. In contrast, iPhone 5S users are stuck with the device's stock offerings.

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