Pokemon X and Y News: On Purchasing Shinies Online And Pokemon Bank Requirements You Need

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By Gel Galang | December 23, 2013 1:28 PM EST

Several issues came with the Pokemon X and Y and many of them were related to the program seeking to have Shinies in the game.

Instacheck, a software, has once been modified to create a cheat program letting Pokemon X and Y gamers predict the moves and stats of an opponent, giving him advantage over online competitive battles.

It had gotten worse over time and led to temporary suspension of the rating battles, giving developers time to make the patch without having to subject unknowing Pokemon X and Y gamers from the software that other players have gotten their hands on.

The good news is that this exploit in the game has already been resolved with the latest patch from Game Freak for Pokemon X and Y. If you still are looking for Shinies and would not either depend on the more tedious methods of chain fishing or opting for community programs like the Instacheck method, there's another way to find a Shiny in Pokemon X and Y.

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Hardcore Gamer has found Shinies for Pokemon X and Y are now being auctioned off and sold in the likes of online stores like eBay. Some of the Pokemons even have hidden abilities that surely required quite a lot of time and effort to breed.

There may still be scams that you should be aware of, as not all of these listings will truly generate a good yield. If an Xbox One seller can have the gall to sell a picture of the console instead of the actual gaming device, then something that is more minor such as a scam Shiny Pokemon can be easier to sell off.

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Pokemon Bank Requirements Detailed

The Pokemon Bank is expected to hit the Nintendo eShop sometime Dec. 27, but Serebii has reported that there are some things to take note of before this can be done.

As what has been instructed in Japan, Pokemon X and Y players will need to first set up their own Nintendo Network ID before downloading the Pokemon Bank. This Nintendo Network ID system came after the Nintendo 3DS update was released and can also be used on the Wii U.

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The Nintendo Network ID can also be linked to your Miiverse account. According to Tom's Guide, you can either create a new Nintendo Network ID or link an existing account to your Miiverse while using the 3DS.

The report gives a quick guide on how to do that so you can prepare this requirement whenever the Pokemon Bank becomes available for download.

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