US Gloats as China Worries Over Growing Japanese Arsenal

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By Johnlee Varghese | December 21, 2013 8:06 PM EST

With an additional $10 Billion towards strengthening its military firepower, Japan is on a 'war path,' - a move that has the blessing of Pentagon and the approval of Washington. The strategy has hit the bull's eye as it has left Beijing worried over the growing power of Japan.

In its most recent lash out, the Chinese government hit out against Japan for using 'China threat' to further its military ambitions.

The Chinese local media telecasted a statement from its Defence Ministry spokesperson, Geng Yansheng, that accused Japan of using the pretext of safeguarding its own national security and regional peace for military expansion. "China is firmly opposed to Japan's relevant actions," Yansheng said in the statement on Friday.

The Chinese government claims that the move by Japan will escalate the regional tension. Additionally, Yansheng critized the Japanese government of playing up the 'China's military threat', and thereby, increasing regional tension between the two countries.

Recently the Japan's Cabinet approved a national security strategy that would boost spending on military equipment. Reportedly, the revised military program will have Japan spending $391 billion in over five years in buying weapons and armament.

Japan that since the Second World War has kept to its promise of maintaining a moderate army and arsenal, with its revised policy will prove be a strategic ally to US and a rival to the Chinese, which is what the Beijing government is really worried about.

Historically speaking, the Chinese do have justified reasons to fear and even hate the Japanese. During the Second World War, in the Japanese occupation of China, the military unleashed a reign of brutality and didn't even deter from using both chemical and biological weapons against the Chinese.

In the statement, the Defence ministry spokesperson also highlighted that Japan was planning to purchase advanced armament like F-35 stealth fighters, surveillance drone fleet and Aegis destroyers and a fast-response-amphibious unit. The statement is a telltale sign that the Chinese government is affected by the Japanese stance.

The strengthening of the Japanese arsenal is being seen as more or less a US strategy to deter the growing Chinese threat. Pentagon, since the confrontation by the Chinese ship in the South China Sea, needs a stronger ally on both South and East China Sea, can bank on the Japanese.

Currently in the arms race, China comes second on the list, after the US in its arsenal power. Japan with its revised policy will not be far behind and would soon catch up.

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