Kangaroos Gone Wild: 13-Year-Old Jade Bassett Attacked in Australia

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By Reissa Su | December 21, 2013 11:19 AM EST

A young Australian was viciously attacked by kangaroos for about 25 minutes while she was out running Oakhampton in the Hunter region of New South Wales. According to a local report, 13-year-old Jade Bassett was accompanied by her grandfather Kevin Henderson to the running track. While she was out running, Mr Henderson sat down on a nearby bench to wait for her to be done.

The girl was only 10 metres away from where her grandfather was sitting when two kangaroos suddenly attacked her. Ms Bassett said the kangaroos were unusually large than most kangaroos. She described one as being "really big" while the other kangaroo was slightly smaller but still bigger than her in comparison.

When Bassett was running at the track, she saw the kangaroos but they remained still at the time. However, when she ran past one kangaroo, the animal started to catch up to her. The girl told The Guardian that she kept on running while thinking all the while it was weird to see the kangaroo run beside her. She said kangaroos usually move away. 

When the girl realised she wasn't going to outrun the kangaroos, she ran towards a dense shrub to keep the animals from following her. She heard the kangaroos grunt and hiss loudly.

The attacks

Out of nowhere, she felt something hit her. She didn't know if it was the kangaroo's arms, legs or tail but she was down on the ground. She looked up to see the kangaroos towering over her and thought they were "just so big."

The next thing she saw was the kangaroo attacking her using its front paws. The animal started scratching and trying to bite her while baring its teeth.

The girl tried to crawl away from the kangaroo and back to the track but it only followed her and kept pulling her hair. Ms Bassett felt a thump on her back and when she looked up, it was the second kangaroo just inches away from her face. She was afraid it was going to eat her face.

When she couldn't take the pain any longer, she began to shout for help. She said the kangaroo kept on kicking and clawing at her and each time she was blacking out.

Her grandfather heard her cries for help and came to her rescue with a stick to scare the kangaroos away.

When the two of them reached the track, two strangers came to help them. Mr Henderson told the paper he wanted signs put up in the area while the girl wanted to warn others about "more aggressive" kangaroos in the place where she was attacked.

The young victim said he was traumatised by the kangaroo attack since she couldn't sleep the way she used to. She finds it difficult to sleep and still imagines the sounds of the kangaroos attacking her. The attacks gave her scratches and wounds on her legs, thighs and arms. 

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