‘White Collar’ Season 5 Mid-Season Finale SPOILERS ‘No Good Deed’: Peter, Neal’s Relationship Estranged

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By Anshu Shrivastava | December 20, 2013 7:11 PM EST

In "White Collar" Season 5 Episode 9 "No Good Deed," Peter got a confession from Neal that he stole the rare Welsh gold coins. Neal also told him why he stole it. The coins were used as a bribe to pay the federal prosecutor, Andrew Dawson, to drop murder charges against Peter. Peter is shocked to know the truth. He is in a big dilemma and despite pulling out the handcuffs to arrest Neal, he does not arrest him. Peter talks to Elizabeth on what to do, and his wife asks him to not do anything that will put him at risk. For Peter, the upright officer, it is a glaring blemish on his profession, as his freedom and promotion, both are results of Neal's crime.

Rebecca helps Neal and Mozzie steal the Masonic window of the Church after Neal came clean on who he is - criminal consultant -- and what he plans to do. Neal wants to protect her from who he is while Rebecca wants to be part of his criminal act. Neal and Mozzie discover that the window glass is not the real one. They need to find the real one to give it to Curtis Hagen, and also to find what secret is hidden in the Masonic glass.

A stolen coin from the stolen Welsh coins lands on the desk of Peter, which leads him to Karl Dekker thanks to Peter duping Mozzie using Elizabeth's phone. Prior to coughing out the information of the fencer, Karl, Peter foiled Elizabeth's picnic basket date with Mozzie.  Neal gets the name of the fencer from Dawson after he reveals his real identity and also tells him that he is the one who stole the coins to bribe him. Peter and Neal both meet in front of the flower shops, one of them belonging to Karl. The escape of Karl -- thanks to timely help from Mozzie -- makes Peter more suspicious about Neal. He sets a trap for Neal of which he falls right into, and confessing that he stole the coins to ensure the freedom of Peter.

Peter meets Dawson and as a result, Dawson resigns from his post and help Peter catch Dekker. Neal comes to know that Peter lied to get a confession out of him, which is like the end justifies the means. Peter says what he did to get a confession and the crime Neal committed are not the same thing.

Neal says that what he did was because Peter is his friend. Peter does not share the same sentiment, as he says Neal did what did because he is a criminal and that is what they do. Pete wants to re-think about his relationship with Neal and says it aloud.  Neal says, Peter better do it soon.

Peter is still not aware that Curtis Hagen is the one who helped Neal get Peter out of the prison.  

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