Pokemon X and Y: Know the Mechanics For Berry Farming And A Helpful Checklist Tool

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By Gel Galang | December 20, 2013 4:37 PM EST

[UPDATE: Here's another method to get Shinies in Pokemon X and Y.]

Berries in Pokemon X and Y are invaluable not just for farming but also in a variety of uses in the game. The Berry Farm, which is a new area in Pokemon X and Y allows you to grow berries and even replace Berry patches from other Pokemon games.

After you've already finished Pokemon X and Y, make sure to head over to Route 8, which is east of Camphrier Town. According to Marriland, you will reach the Berry Farm once you go to the Pokemon Daycare then go South road before you cross the bridge so you'll find the Berry Farm.

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The report gives a pretty comprehensive picture of how to use the farm in five easy steps. First is making sure that you have selected and patch and mulched it. You can make the most out of the space because you can easily grow 36 Berry trees at the same time, with three kinds of mulches to choose from.

You then plant your berries, though Pokemon X and Y have a more interesting and experimental way, which is cross-breeding. You then need to attend to the berries growing, either by watering, weeding, and even choosing your own way of ridding any bug-type infestation.

From here, it's an alternation between tending the Berry Farm and waiting for it to bear fruit. Once it does hit the maturity peak, you can then harvest your Berry Farm.

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More Than Just Farming In Pokemon X and Y

Redditor mattflippin has also stated in a very detailed post that Berries can be very useful beyond battle in Pokemon X and Y.

"You can use them to make Juices in the Lumiose City Juice Shoppe; depending on berries mixed, you can raise EVs by 4-32 points, increase happiness, reset EVs, or even instantly raise a Pokemon's level by 1-4, regardless of their current level,"  mattflippin said in his post.

In the Reddit post, mattflippin provided a few calculations for maximum Berry yield, stating that you can easily get 504 berries every 24 hours. It seems that with a few tries, you can get the hang of how to mass produce these berries and even create a variety of yield.

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New Tool For Those Who Don't Want To Miss Anything On Pokemon X and Y

Another cool project worth checking at Pokemon Reddit is this Post-Game Checklist for Pokemon X and Y. Created by Redditor technophonix1, the checklist first began as checklist for the nephew of the creator, which then evolved into something that trainers and Pokemon X and Y gamers in general may find to be very useful.

Technophonix1 has already spawned a second version, which includes "A full TM list (with Gym TMs checked off), a full berry list and mutation guide as well as guide to catching and trading for all Vivillion and Flabebe patterns."

Check out the revised Post-Game Checklist and see if you've done all there is to do as stated by the list.

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