Paul Walker Chronicles: Car Speed Confirmed Cause of His Death

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By ambika thakur | December 20, 2013 3:33 PM EST

New findings of the investigating team working on the cause of death of Paul Walker defy the previous reports stating that the car crashed due to some mechanical malfunction. Instead, it suggested speed was wholly responsible for the accident on Nov. 30, 2013.

"We're looking at speed and speed alone. They were well out of the curve when they lost control," an anonymous investigating official told the Associated Press about the cause of crash which killed Walker and his friend. 

However, investigators repudiated to reveal the exact speed of the car at the time of crash until expert Porsche engineers from Germany come out to some concrete conclusion after the complete laboratory examination of the remains of the dilapidated Porsche Carrera GT. Most probably they will release the details in January 2014. 

"Multiple law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation said the investigation is ongoing and no determinations have been made regarding the cause," TMZ reported.

Several factors which play major role in determining the speed and the cause of crash were:

  1. Three data recorders found in the debris
  2. Airbags position
  3. Throttle readings
  4. Engine readings
  5. Seatbelt use
  6. RPMs

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has released a statement: "No conclusions have yet been reached as to the cause of the collision. Traffic investigators with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department are scheduled to meet in January with engineers from Porsche to analyze the data retrieval system (computer) in the car. Information that might possibly be obtained from the computer is speed, RPM's, throttle opening, air bag deployment, seat belt use, and other possible information. None of these factors has yet been concluded. A fatal traffic collision is a tragedy that involves extensive investigation by Los Angeles County Sheriff's traffic investigators."

"In all fatal traffic collisions, sheriff's patrol deputies request specialized sheriff's traffic investigators to respond to the scene as soon as the collision occurs.Investigators document the scene extensively which includes writing a traffic report, photographing the scene, determining the collision's Area of Impact and Area of Rest, measuring skid marks and location of debris, gathering physical evidence such as debris and the on-board car computer data that might indicate the rate of speed, and examining the car itself to look for evidence such as paint transfer to help determine if it had impacted other objects or cars.Investigators seek out eyewitnesses to what happened just prior to the collision as well as to the collision itself. Security videos and photos from eyewitnesses as well as local businesses are sought out. All of these factors help skilled traffic investigators to determine the cause of the collision," statement continued.

In 2001, Paul Walker in an interview with MTV News revealed while promoting first instalment of "The Fast and the Furious," franchise his passion for cars and even called himself "crazy about cars."

"My father was always into cars. I grew up with all of the various car publications," Walker said. "That's what I read. They were always around the house. My grandfather actually raced factory cars for Ford. I think the whole speed car thing is really in my blood," he added.

He got a chance to play the role of Brian O'Conner and eventually while playing an undercover cop investigating the street race scenario and unravelling high-profile car heists his interest moved over to the imported muscle race cars featured in the " Fast and Furious," flick.

 "I wasn't really into this whole import car scene too much before I did this movie," he said. "I was familiar with it, but it really wasn't my cup of tea. It wasn't until I got a little ways into the film that I realized what these cars of capable of, but now I'm all about imports. I love my domestics still too, but I get it both [ways]."

Paul Walker's famous quote states: "If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling."

Ironically, speed actually killed him and he might be smiling in heaven with the angels.

Watch: Officials Says Speed was a factor in Paul Walker's fatal crash
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