This Is It, From FNArena, Until Next Year

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December 20, 2013 3:14 AM EST

By Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Editor FNArena

This is it Folks! The fact that you are reading this story means FNArena has written and published its final story for 2013. I may already be near the beach with a nice cold beer in my hand, soaking up the sun that is bouncing off a blue sky that has been clearly visible from my window prior to this final act.

It goes without saying, paying subscribers can continue to access the website and with an archive of Broker Call Reports, an up to date Stock Analysis and other services such as R-Factor and The Short Report, this means you can continue to assess valuations and discrepancies and ideas to step in or step out between now and January 13th next year.

2013 has been yet another eventful year. The end result has surprised many, in particular through its composition. Note both BHP Billiton ((BHP)) and Rio Tinto ((RIO)) shares are pretty much unchanged on a two year backwards looking view, excluding dividends that have been paid to shareholders throughout that time.

Owning resources stocks for their dividends? It has been one of my personal themes this year and while total returns may well prove better in the year ahead, dividends will remain an important feature nevertheless.

Amongst the positives that come to mind for the year past is that FNArena, and I personally, have consistently warned to not own gold miners and/or mining services providers this year. We weren't positive about the likes of AMP ((AMP)) and Wotif ((WTF)) either.

Missing these blow-ups in your personal investment portfolio has been the single most important factor this year. If my personal view proves correct, the first months of 2014 should continue to see more companies not living up to expectations and/or market pricing/multiples. (This is still a share market running on expanding valuations, while earnings growth remains on the horizon).

Yes, the share market is going up but, by golly, the global bull market for equities has proved a rather odd and unusual creature over here in Australia.

In the new year we shall witness the battle between investor sentiment (favouring resources stocks, from micro to big) and ample supply.

But all that is stuff to worry about next year. Right now, the immediate outlook is for shrimps on the barbie and cold beer in the fridge.

I wish you all the Best and hope to see you back in 2014. will continue to be available, though not necessarily instantaneously.

I have decided not to make any media appearances until February.

Lights out. Curtains down. Soon 2013 will be but a distant memory...

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