iPhone 6 Release Date Update: Expect These Killer Display Features – Perfect Colour Rendering & Transparent Liquidmetal-Sapphire Panel

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By Erik Pineda | December 20, 2013 2:26 PM EST

The already impressive Retina display panel in the iPhone 5S will not stop Apple from further improving the screen prowess of its bestselling device so for the iPhone 6, expect no less than killer display features on release date.

In a new set of patents unearthed this week, it was revealed that Apple is planning to deliver the most advanced smartphone display technology for its next-generation iPhone, which analysts and Apple fans alike believe is the iPhone 6.

According to Patently Apple, the likelihood of the iPhone 6 sporting a wraparound display on debut time gained more traction as supported by the tech giant's latest patent filing in Europe. While other device makers, chief among them Samsung, could also be working on similar display technology, Apple's approach would be notably unique, said the same report.

For the iPhone 6, Apple engineers would mix the durability and flexibility of Liquidmetal and sapphire - extracting from the materials an end product that could be moulded to the desired form. Another key feature would be transparency.

"Apple's killer invention describes flexible wraparound displays for a possible future iPhone and/or other devices. The patent describes sapphire and transparent displays used in a form factor created by an alumina powder Liquidmetal process," Patently Apple said on its report.

Note that in previous reports, Apple is said to use both Liquidmetal and sapphire to forge a virtually indestructible iPhone casing - one that will remain scratch-free and looking new for the life of the product. While Liquidmetal will mostly make up the metal frame of the iPhone 6, sapphire will serve as the screen protector while coating the whole device at the same time.

This time around though, Apple plans to meld the robust characteristics of sapphire and Liquidmetal in order to deliver a cutting-edge display panel in the iPhone 6.

And to complement this exciting feature, the next iPhone display will likely render colours in greater accuracy and intensity. This was revealed in another patent filing by Apple before the U.S. authorities and as reported by Apple Insider.

The technology involved is dubbed by Apple as 'Quantum dot-enhanced display having dichroic filter' or QDs, which according to Apple Insider "are technically nanocrystals - in some cases smaller than a virus - made from various semiconductor materials that exhibit special quantum mechanical characteristics."

With QDs' light-emitting properties, "the material can be tuned or manufactured, to emit very narrow spectrums of light," which for the average iPhone user would mean screen colours that are close to perfection.

It appears that Apple is planning to amp its display panel prowess beyond the Retina level and if all goes well, consumers will get to experience this technology in time for the iPhone 6 launch.

The iPhone 6 release date, according to analysts, would be between June and September 2014 and the device is expected to also show off the following out of the box on D-Day: a 5-inch screen size, 64-bit A8 CPU, 4GB of RAM and iOS 8.

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