Tips and Tricks in Getting a Good Photo with Your Nokia Lumia 1020

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By Katrina Dianne Gimenez | December 19, 2013 9:48 PM EST

If you bought a Nokia Lumia 1020, you must be after its superb 41 MP camera. Lumia 1020 does not impress as a phone, but, it has one of the best camera unit among the smartphones as of yet. However, what good is a 41 MP camera unit if you can't take good photos with it?

Here are a few tips and tricks from to capture that perfect moment.

The Basics

To access the camera, press the camera button or select Camera from the application list. With the phone in landscape position, press the "gear-like" button on the bottom right of the screen to access the settings that are available. There are three settings available depending on what you want to capture.

Normal Mode will give you a good photo of scenery, or a group of people, or a meadow.

Macro Mode is best for an extra close subject. This mode enables the camera to focus on an object that is only centimeters away from the lens.

Bokeh gives an effect where the subject is clear and everything else in the background is blurred. This mode is best to capture as much detail of your subject as possible.


Change the ISO settings for taking better pictures at night. Setting the ISO high gets maximum light to the sensor. This is best for dark scenarios. However, the photo is more grany but the image is brighter and lighter.

If you want a finer, less grainy photo change the ISO settings to low. It reduces the the light that the camera sensor receives.

Exposure Value

Set the exposure high if you want an effect where moving objects leave a blur behind them. set the exposure as low as possible if you want to capture something with very little movement.


The saturation gives you option whether you want brighter or duller color. Turn the saturation high if you want lush vivid colors. If you want it in dull colors, turn the saturation down.


If you want to make your life easier, go to the Scenes section to choose settings under different conditions. You can choose from Beach, Candlelight, Snow, or Sunset.

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