Hilarious Video Shows Naked Woman Turning into Naked Santa

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By Sounak Mukhopadhyay | December 19, 2013 5:15 PM EST

A hilarious video on YouTube shows a naked woman gradually turning into a naked Santa Claus.

Call it exceptional photo-editing skills or an utter disregard for 'photoshopped' beauty, the video actually makes fun of fashion trends which demand every woman to abide by a strict set of rules to be called beautiful. Everyone is expected to look like 'beauty clones' while the fashion models internationally projects a specific look. Many of the models go through heavy cosmetic surgery and all of them allegedly go through rigorous 'Photoshop' operation to have that 'perfect' look.

This YouTube video, produced by 'Victors & Spoils' starts with a statement: "Ad agencies go to disturbing lengths to create the perfect image."

Victors & Spoils claims itself to be the 'world's first creative (ad) agency built on crowdsourcing principles.' The video starts with a not-so-slim model (without any apparent make-up) only in her panties posing for the camera. The lighting in the beginning is ordinary, rather dull, which shows the model with average looks. However, additional lights gradually start to appear highlighting the curves of the model. Additional care is taken on her face, hair and overall looks. Then the final photograph shows a stunning example of beauty and sensuality.

However, Victors & Spoils had a point to prove.

They call themselves 'no different' from other ad agencies and decide to go to 'disturbing lengths' to create an image of their choice. What we see next is an example of extra-ordinary photo-editing skills. Through editing, the girl gets shorter, chubbier and older. Her complexion is made dull as her belly now coincides with her breasts. Gradually, her face turns into an old man. Her hair turns snow-white and she starts looking more like the Santa we know, except for the cherry red panty which she is still wearing (Thank God!).

The video ends with the shocking but hilarious image of naked Santa Claus wearing red undies to go with the Christmas mood. 'Happy Holidays,' wishes the ad agency with a piece of music which indicates that the Christmas is approaching.

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