8 Endless Tortures Among HIV-Positive Individuals That Revokes Freedom to Love

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By Ryan Inoyori | December 19, 2013 2:58 PM EST

HIV-positive individuals face more than side effects of antiretroviral drugs and slow progress of the disease, they are actually facing emptiness with constant seeking for love and affection. Eight endless tortures of what HIV brought to its living victims.

What Am I Going Through?

Some people ignore other depressing experiences of HIV patients and commonly say "drugs are available and you'll be alright." But these antiretroviral drugs poses greater threats compared to HIV itself. ART drugs are not yummy and cause diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, rash, increased risk of heart attack, fatigue, kidney damage and liver damage. Taking the medication itself is dangerous as HIV attacks the body.

Younglings with HIV

If adults are having difficult time on accepting the disease and adjusting to the world, how much more younglings would need to do in order to live a normal life? Living with HIV at a young age faces prejudice and discrimination which makes them feel invisible and persecuted. Drugs don't cure the burn on the soul for a person living with HIV.

Infants to Younglings

Babies with HIV may not survive the infection or the drugs administered by medical experts. And even they did pass the harsh experience during infancy, growing up won't make it any easier. Discrimination is the most common enemy of every person carrying an incurable disease.

Taking the Wrong Path

No one knows exactly how teens with HIV will cope up or if they take the disease for granted. Some of them may tend to spread it as an act of self-destruction carrying the burden of being hated by the world. The world needs to understand that they need help, not judgment.

Elders Affected by the Virus

In rare cases of infection, taking care of a child with HIV can transfer the virus to individual with weaker immune system such as the elderly. Elders should spending their lives in tranquil rather than taking consequences and endure a so-called 'punishment' for loving their grandchildren.

Repressing Happiness

Because of HIV, some people cannot live with love and affection anymore and decide to repress their happiness for the sake of others' safety. Living with HIV is already a difficult life, having no love makes it worse than it looks.

Risk Even with Drugs

Medical experts don't guarantee 100 per cent 'zero' risk of transmission of the virus to another individual using antiretroviral drug therapy. In other terms, having a relationship to someone you love will not perfectly protect him or her during sexual intercourse. We like or not, it somehow kills the hope to get a permanent companion.

The Real End of HIV

Those who are carrying the deadly virus wanted to ask if the current generation really aims to end the plague. Many people keep on doing risky behaviour, unsafe sex and other lifestyle which increases the risk of getting or transmitting HIV. Everyone should play a role on ending the war versus HIV, infected or not.

HIV/AIDS has no cure, but science believes that through efforts, a functional cure or vaccine will become available in the future. Organisation also see that the fight can be won without requiring a cure, it only requires full cooperation of everybody, open-minded and knowledge about the deadly virus.

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