Xbox One News: How to Replace TV Interface; Original TV Shows Debut in 2014; Possible Halo 5 Details

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By Gel Galang | December 19, 2013 2:58 PM EST

Though Microsoft's Xbox One is both a gaming and an entertainment device, it seems to still be lacking by way of making its cable and TV component user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Reports of how the interface of the Xbox One's TV component as being less than pleasing to the eye can now be changed with the introduction of Verizon's FiOS app.

In a report from CNet, it seems that this new app will be the best answer for a more seamless transition from entertainment to gaming the next time people use the Xbox One. It seems that subscribers to the FiOS TV can now enjoy a cleaner interface when they switch from gaming on the Xbox One to watching TV and accessing the Internet.

With the app, users have access to 74 live channels without needing the actual FiOS cable box connected to the Xbox One to use. Will this make your TV viewing pleasure even better?

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'Halo 5' Gets Episodic Treatment?

There have not been a lot of updates connected to the promised "Halo 5" game for the Xbox One, but 343 Industries has recently been quoted by OXM, where some hints of the plans for the Xbox One have been revealed.

The biggest reveal is that "Halo 5" may be following in the footsteps of "Halo 4" in that it will be an episodic game.

"343 is exploring future episodic storytelling endeavours in the Halo universe. We are looking for a Producer / Program Manager to facilitate our fledgling team as we take bold new ideas from concept to finished product. You will work hand-in-hand with all disciplines to define, develop, and ship an all-new Halo entertainment experience," said 343 Industries in a statement.

Another reading to 343 Industries' announcement is that it may actually be a call for manpower in the upcoming and announced "Halo" TV series. The title for the job position that they are looking for also does fit the criteria for the latter job description.

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Original Xbox One and Xbox 360 TV Shows to Debut in 2014

Speaking of the "Halo" TV series, the time for originals for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 have been hinted to come after the Christmas season. While developments for gaming---in particular, the indie games for the Xbox One---have been receiving much attention, Microsoft has not neglected the entertainment component for its all-around next-gen console.

Game Rant reports that Steven Spielberg's "Halo" has actually been ongoing behind the scenes, even if there weren't much activity and updates heard about it. In fact, there seems to have been quite a bit of progress, as the program is set to debut on the Xbox Live sometime around the first half of 2014.

Given the uniqueness of the audience base for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, shows that are more inclined towards gamer following would be the major offer that the original shows on the Xbox devices would have.

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Nevertheless, the project also has its own hardships, mostly in the fact that pitching a TV show that can only be accessed by those with an Xbox One or Xbox 360 is not as promising for Hollywood, giving the company a harder and slower time releasing the desired content.

The issue seems to really be the choice of offering these original Xbox shows as limited to the console to add to the value of the device or to make it accessible to anyone with a specific service that also exists in the Xbox devices for a wider audience reach.

"We're trying to focus on whether it's only on Xbox or best on Xbox," said Nancy Tellem, Microsoft's president of entertainment and digital, in an interview quoted by Game Rant.

"Everyone recognizes how important content is in device adoption. There's always talk about what apps are available on your phone or what apps you can get. It can be an incentive to buy something or not to buy something," Ms. Tellem added.

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