Minecraft Xbox 360’s Avengers Skins; PS3 Edition Details; Minecraft 1.8 Update Detailed by Dinnerbone and Jeb

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By Gel Galang | December 19, 2013 2:32 PM EST

After waiting for a long time, Sony fans can finally get to see what the hubbub and hype of Minecraft is all about. Mojang has announced that Minecraft PS3 Edition is already available for download at the PS Store.

You can get the Minecraft PS4 Edition, which is 103MB big, for £12.99. The download already includes the patch that is required to first launch the game. The Minecraft PS3 Edition is pretty complete, as it already features split-screen support for four players and online multiplayer for eight gamers. In addition, there are also key points taken from Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and the original PC version, such as Creative Mode, Survival Mode, and trophies.

Mojang has also announced that there is a trial version for those who have never tried Minecraft before. Check out the trailer for the release of Minecraft PS3 Edition.

Aside from the announcement of Minecraft PS3 Edition, Mojang has also dropped hints on when people can expect more updates regarding the other platforms that the Minecraft has been announced for.

"We'll have more information on popular topics including cross buy, remote play, and the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft in the new year, promise," said Mojang.

Over at the side of Minecraft Xbox 360, Kotaku reports that Mojang and Microsoft have already had talks with Marvel for the team up in order to create the official Avengers Skin Pack.

According to the report, there will be 35 character screens to include the likes of Iron Man, Loki, Captain America, Nick Fury, and even Agent Coulson. Check out the screens in the link above.

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Mojang's win a PS3 contest

In time for the Minecraft PS3 Edition release, Mojang is also holding a contest that would allow you to win a PS3 console, Jinx Vouchers, and some freebies with the use of the Minecraft Skin Studio app.

The mechanics of the game is simple. Create the best Christmas-themed skin using the Minecraft Skin Studio and share it before the 5:00 p.m. GMT deadline on December 26. If you're not in the mood for creating skins, you can also be one of the judges for the lucky winners and vote for your top five favourite skins.

Check out Mojang's official page to see the details of the competition.

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Dinnerbone and Jeb take up questions on Reddit

With the Minecraft PS3 Edition already out for the public to enjoy, it seems that some of Mojang's projects and plans for Minecraft is starting to move again.

On Reddit, Dinnerbone has recently opened up an Ask Me Anything session on Minecraft.

"Here's how this works: You get to ask me anything, most likely about Minecraft or how Minecraft is developed, and I'll reply with a hopefully satisfying answer. Questions about Minecraft 1.8 may or may not get detailed answers because this is impromptu and I haven't cleared anything with the team to answer those (and I like some mystery)."

So far, in relation to Minecraft 1.8, Dinnerbone has revealed some minor updates, such as there being two themes catering to two audiences. Also in response to a query on there being mobs in the future, he has answered a "maybe" as they are difficult to make but they do have a theme that is said to "impact mobs quite a bit, but not in the way which you'd expect."

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Over at another Reddit thread, jeb_ has also posted a new topic, this time explaining the new Enchanting Screen.

According to his description of a screenshot, which can be accessed in his Reddit link above, jeb_ explains that the enchanting items will now have a resource cost as well as enchantment levels, which will be using gold ingots.

A few things that come with the changes include the max level being retained on 30 and having the same method of calculation. Also, the cost is now based on which enchantment power you choose, which can range from 1 to 3. One randomly chosen enchantment will be displayed in the tooltip. The random seed for enchantments will be the same all throughout until you enchant an item.

Though this progress in the Enchanting process will make gaining enchantment levels a bit more expensive, jeb_ promises that it is a work in progress. He has also promised that snapshotting Minecraft 1.8 will come in soon enough.

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