Justin Bieber on Selena Gomez: 'She was all that mattered'

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By Diadem Pambid | December 19, 2013 1:50 PM EST

Justin Bieber has been on one heck of a ride this year with scandals rocking him left and right. It doesn't help that the Canadian crooner suffered the worst heart breaks of his life with Selena Gomez. In his recent interview, Justin once again bares his heart out for the Latina singer claiming back when "Jelena" was still strong - she was "all that mattered."

While Selena rode gloriously on the aftermath of "Jelena," Justin fell back in to the shadows. The "Baby" singer had been involved in one scandal to the next with the latest on his graffiti art. Still, he's been trying to make good with his latest charity work in the Philippines.

The latest rumour about Bieber is that he's planning to retire after the release of another album. Given he's only 19 years old, a lot of "Beliebers" cried foul claiming it was too early for him to do so. What pushed Bieber to plan on such a drastic move? Perhaps, it was Selena Gomez?

Having mentioned Gomez, in one of Bieber's recent interview with Power 106 FM, he talked about the song "All That Matters." Basically, this was another song dedicated for the "Come & Get It" singer.

"All That Matters was written when I was in a great place in my relationship," revealed Justin.

"And at that time, she was all that mattered. She's a great woman. I love her, to this day. I think we are going to be the greatest of friends," continued the singer.

Does Selena feel the same way? Could she ever be friends with Justin Bieber? In one of her Instagram posts, she did talk about having moved on but could this mean she's ready to accept Bieber as a friend?

"It's been a year now. We've moved on," stated Gomez.

On the other hand, sources claim Selena is darn happy that she isn't part of all the drama currently surrounding her ex-beau.

"Selena feels embarrassed for Justin. She's just glad she's not part of the whole drama," explained the source, adding, "She feels like if she was still with him, none of this bad behavior stuff would be happening or at least it wouldn't be as bad as it is."

Even if Gomez was "everything that mattered" for Bieber then and now, nothing can change the fact that both of them have moved on but a Christmas miracle could happen that would prompt the "Jelena" duo to get back together.

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